Celebrity Classic quotations

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   Celebrity Classic quotations

   1. Yu Qiuyu: We feel that we have come to an end, but in fact our heart has come to an end.. No matter how deep despair is, it is a process. There is always an end. Avoidance is always not the way.. Courage to move forward, perhaps the opportunity is in the next second.. Jimmy said that I always saw the most beautiful scenery in the deepest despair of inside..

   2. Mo Yan: Even if the world forgets you, there will always be a few people who will say "Happy Birthday" at the beginning of your life.!

   3. Robin Li: Successful people must use their dreams to light others' dreams, and they are people who plant dreams all the time..

   4. Amy Cheung writer: Love has always been a matter of a thousand times and a hundred turns.. How do you know how to love someone if you have never been forsaken or hurt??

   5. Rao Xueman: The world has deceived me. I must fight back. I will not let go of any happiness that belongs to me. I will not hesitate to pay the price even if it is Descente aux enfers from now on..

   6. Mao Zedong: despise the enemy strategically and attach importance to the enemy tactically!

   7. Yi Shu: No matter what happens, it is always unforgivable for a person to fall for an excuse. The more no one loves him, the more he must love himself..

   8. Xuanyi: Any grievance that can be expressed is not injustice. A lover who can be taken away is not a lover..

   9. Zhang Ailing: Love is not complicated. It can only come and go in three words. Either I love you or I hate you, or forget it. How are you? I'm sorry.

   10. Zhou Libo: Learn these: 1. Others are proud of their talent, but you are Humility Ruogu..2. Others show off their eloquence.. But you think more carefully.3. Others try very hard to show, but you hide your strength and hide your strength..4. Others fight against each other, but you are far from right and wrong..5. Others go straight, but you merge into a circle..6. Others fight for their heads, but you take retreat as your advance..7. Others can't afford it, but you can stretch it..8. Other people are cocky, but you don't show off. Low-key: Attitude and Wisdom!

   11. Robin Li: We must always remind ourselves that in such an uncertain age, we are still a small company with lofty ideals in mind..

   12. Bi Shumin: A person can be educated, but he is still uneducated.. It's like a person can keep eating, but his stomach doesn't absorb it. Swopnodanay is empty and skinny.. -Bi Shumin, Evidence of Nurturing

   13. Shi Tiesheng: Smile and sing songs of life. Don't complain that life has given too many hardships, don't complain that there are too many twists and turns in life.. If the sea loses the rolling of huge waves, it will lose its power. If the desert loses the crazy dance of flying sand, it will lose its grandeur. If life only seeks smooth sailing at two points and one line, life will lose its charm of existence..

   14. Zhou Guoping: What makes the desert beautiful is a well where it is hidden. Because of the inexhaustible source of love hidden in its heart, the most desolate desert has turned into a beautiful scenery..

   15. Jimmy: When you like me, I don't like you. When you love me, I like you. When you leave me, I love you. Are you walking too fast or am I unable to keep up with you? We missed Noah's Ark, the Titanic, all the thrills and spills, and we will continue to miss it.. I don't know where my loneliness comes from, but I really feel lonely.. You are also lonely, everyone in the world is lonely, but everyone's loneliness is different, right.

   16. An Yiru: Everything is so clear, but it has been separated for too long.. Time is like water and there seems to be a river in the middle.. You can't pass. Traffic shuttled back and forth, and she disappeared in the crowd in a flash.. Looking back, how much do you know about Flower in the Wonderland? Think, think, how not to think?

  17. Ma Yun: Think about thousands of roads at night and walk the same way when you wake up in the morning..

   18. Zhou Guoping: Those who have never stepped on the road with their own feet will not find a road that truly belongs to them..

   19. San Mao: One friend is good, two friends are a little more, and three friends are too many.. Dear friend, it's good to have one. I don't need too much. If I don't have one, I still have myself. Treat myself well, get along with myself, and I am also a friend.

   20. An Yiru: Time ravages memory and people often forget it involuntarily and bitterly.. Memories fade like tides and are difficult to control.. At the end of the day, I can only remember some subtle and in-depth details, such as plants that were stranded on Earth 2050: The Future of Energy during the Cretaceous period, which are also a kind of relic.. It has its own definition and value.

   21. Mo Yan: Therefore, in that age, which is used to sad spring and hurt autumn, how many scenes of the sun is sinking in the west did you watch with me, and how many nights did I watch with you at dawn? We sat silently with each other, not talking about morning and evening.. (责任编辑:admin)




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