Seven sorry, for I sad

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   Boys and girls have known each other since childhood. Boys often ask girls to go to the pond outside the village to catch shrimps. Every time boys always come home with a full load, while girls are empty-handed. Girls always come home alone with tears in their eyes, and then they are unhappy.. Before dinner, the boy knocked on the girl's door. As soon as the girl saw it was the boy, she turned her head and left. Before the boy caught up with the girl, he said, "I'm sorry, I've caught all your shrimps. Here, I'll keep them in a small fish tank, inside, and give them to you.". "The girl eyebrows a put, huixin smiled, so repeated their childhood in 純純, suddenly, they grow up.

   -純純's "Sorry".

   Boys always like to tease girls. They often make girls cry and then coax girls to laugh until they grow up, too..

   Boys often secretly put the gas out of the girl's bicycle tires, then hid in the distance, watching the girl desperately desperate, waiting for the girl to dial his cell phone, and then swearing at his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang behavior. But boys still like such girls so much.. He came whispering from a distance, despondently pushing the deflated bicycle for the girl and letting the girl grumble, but the boy secretly rejoiced and then said to the girl with grievance, "I'm sorry, I know I was wrong.". "then, the girl will be weak down, tell the boy not to do that next time, the boy nodded, so at that time they are full of smiles every day..

   -"sorry" happiness.

   After graduating from college, boys and girls have their own jobs. Boys' jobs are always very busy, sometimes they can't rest once a month, while girls always complain that boys neglect her. Finally, they have their first quarrel.. The girl cried bitterly, but the boy told the girl confidently, "This is for my job.". "The cold war lasted for a long time. At last, the girl could not help but make up with the boy voluntarily.. Later, many times boys and girls quarreled with each other over such trifles, but every time, the girls compromised first..

   That year, on the girl's birthday, the boy promised the girl to have a romantic birthday for him. the girl was overjoyed. she dressed up carefully at home and waited for the boy to come back to accompany her through this wonderful birthday. this wait was in the early morning. the girl woke up in her sleep with tears on her face. when the boy saw the girl, he wiped away the tears on her face lovingly: "excuse me, will you marry me?"? "So the boy took out a ring.

   -"Sorry" is also a promise..

   After marriage, the boy's career has made great achievements and there are often many social parties. The girl has become a full-time wife. She prepares hot dishes for the boy at home every day and tidies up the house. She often goes to the market to buy some small river shrimps and keeps them in the fish tank inside. The boy always asks why, but the girl always smiles with wisdom..

   Slowly, every time the boy came home, his body was always full of different perfume, and every time he didn't wait for the girl to ask, the boy was always busy explaining that there were too many social parties.. The girl was dim. From then on, the girl was not very talkative or as cheerful as before. She always liked to stay at home all day and watch Korean dramas with pillows in her arms. Then she wept with the drama, and Late Night would cry like crazy.. The next day in inside, when the boy came back, there was only one smell of perfume. The girl never asked, but the boy still said, "Sorry, I went to dinner again today.". "

   -"I'm sorry," the beginning of the lie..

   Gradually, the boy began not to go home, or always went on business trips. The boy's career got better and better, and he was surrounded by flatterers. He smiled proudly under the compliments of others every day, while the girl, who hardly went out, would always go to the supermarket to buy a lot of instant noodles, and some necessary daily necessities, and then shut herself in at home. This stay was a long time.. Once upon a time, a girl would often chat with a boy. now, she is alone and has no one to talk to. every time she calls and asks the boy when he will come home, the boy always answers hastily: "I'm sorry, I'm too busy.". "Girl, lost buckle on the phone, after that she never asked the boy when he would go home.

   -"Sorry" is only a perfunctory way..

   The girl began to dress herself up after learning the appearance on TV. She felt that the boy didn't go home. Perhaps she was tired of watching her. She decided not to be decadent any more. Her happiness should be won by herself instead of going back unnecessarily..

   On that day, on a whim, the girl went to the place where the boy worked according to the address, which was the first and only time for the girl.. The girl pressed the elevator unsmoothly and came to the place where the boy often said he was busy. She carefully observed every corner of the company and everything here. She felt very good-looking.. Finally, bypassing the long office corridor, she came to the boy's office and gently pushed open the door . The girl was shocked. What she saw was not her husband, nor the thief boy who often broke her bicycle, nor the boy who put shrimp in the small fish tank in inside, but a man who was with other women * * * *. The woman sitting on the table, * * * * * * gave a faint groan, the man, like mountain forest inside hungry beast . (责任编辑:admin)




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