Reading to Show Little Sister's Birthday

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   July 17 is your 18th birthday, to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, our family has another adult.. The Jia family is a large family in the village. Four brothers from their parents' generation came to our generation, with ten brothers and seven sisters. I am a man, old eight, and you are the youngest daughter.. After the separation, all the brothers and sisters were used in society, but we were pitied.. At that time, I was weak on my own, and flour was ugly. At the age of 13, I looked as old as 20. The villagers laughed as stupid. At the age of three, you couldn't speak. When you were crying, your parents were still old and hated no one to relay. You often blamed me for not being able to reach this level.. From then on, I was ashamed to walk in front of people and play in the corner behind your back. There is no one to say anything, but you can't answer it when it comes to you, so you like reading books.. The people in the book are the best to me. whenever I read the happy place, I turn over and tumble on the ground. you cry with joy. when you read the sad place, I cry. when you see me crying, you cry on me. However, more is in the sand, I built a sand city for you to play with and read by myself. As a result, you always wet your pants and you cry again. I don't know how to coax you, so I read to you. You 澳利国际 stopped crying. I hugged you gratefully and said:

   "My little sister is also a book lover! "Dongcun Er Dan's family, whose father is the old man, has a lot of books, I carry you to borrow, the somebody else will not, said to help push the mill. I will put you on the top of the millstone, teach you to dial the grinding eye, I will hold the grinding stick to push up the millstone, one morning, to somebody else grinding three litres of Corn, borrowed three books, I am happy to kiss you, bite your face out of a Sandalwood seal. Do you still remember the book A Dream of Red Mansions? It was when you were four years old and just learned to speak. Let's go to the aunt's house in the county seat. I found a book in cabinet inside and squatted there. Although I didn't fully understand it, I felt it was very tasty.. It was getting dark. I only read one-fifth of the book. When I wanted to go back, I secretly hid the book in my arms.. Three days later, my aunt's family came to me and said that I was a thief. I refused to accept it. I started scolding and got slapped by my mother. I cried, and you cried. my mother hugged us and cried. you said at that time, "brother, when I grow up, I will buy you books."! "Little sister, you that sentence, how much comfort to the brother, now I sat in the study, looking at the full books, I will remember the poor at that time.

   We are not scholarly family, and our family has never been rich. Even now, our parents and you are still in the countryside. There is no shortage of food, but there is money coming and going. Although my brother sends some money every month, he can only take care of oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, which is no match for people who can do business..

   However, it is not our fault to be poor. Books will make us low and not bad in character, poor and not cheap in ambition.. In this society, the world is rejuvenating and the nation is making great efforts. We are not trying to be an official and do work in the country by the way of official career. However, as ordinary people, we can only benefit the society by reading and studying literature.. You are also determined to write. My brother is very happy. You should attach importance to books. Don't be jealous of anything. You should be jealous of reading. Any friend can be abandoned, but friends of books can't be separated for a day.. Poverty is the preparation condition for being a writer. Books are forbidden to be rich, while people who are rich think lazily. Your current situation just forces you to study quietly and know the essence of books well.. People often think they don't believe this truth. They just woke up when they came by. Little sister can remember what I said so as not to regret later..

   My brother has been away for ten years. I dare not forget to read. The one or two articles I have written are all superficial exercises. The more I read, the more I will read.. After February 21, I have arrived in Thirty Years Of Age, and only then do I know more about the difficulties in building a body, moral integrity and writing articles.. After reading Journey to the West at night, I realized that "learning from the scriptures is only sincere, and I can bend the blame to my strength". I felt grateful and went to Exhalation in the face of the wind.. At your age, my brother can read and remember books. I often borrow books and pay great attention to them. now the table, tables, cases and beds are full of books, but I often read ten books and can't write down four or five books. this is all due to my age. so far, I have only learned by copying. but you must cherish your current age and study more..

   Given the conditions, reading should never be narrow.. Literature books to read, political books to read, philosophy, history, aesthetics, astronomy, geography, medicine, architecture, fine arts, music theory . Any book that can be found must be read. If reading flour is narrow, there is not much to learn from it, the train of thought is not wide, and one cannot understand three.. However, we must not forget intensive reading. The real skill lies in intensive reading.. There are so many good books in the world that it is impossible to read them all one's life, and some books are good, but not all of them can be loved. For example, I don't like meat all my life, but meat is really a good thing in the world.. If you like a book, you may as well read it more: Read hastily and without thinking can read it for the first time, which is called enjoyment. The second time I sat down to read, this is called Yin Wei. The third time, I have to think about reading sentence by sentence. This is called digging deeper.. Read it three times, put it on for a few days, read it again, and there will always be a place for new enlightenment.. You are really in love with this book. You can find more books of this writer at a certain period of time to read, read his novels, his novellas, his short stories, or essays, or poems, or theories, re-read outsiders' comments on him, the biographies written, or some works of his contemporaries.. In this way, you know his writing, more know his people, understand what society was at that time, how the literary world, his experience, character, personality, hobbies and so on is how to promote the formation of his style? In the world, every writer has his own set of writing methods, all of which are traceable and can be found. Of course, some of them are too talented to be justified for a while.. My brother read the writings of Zhuang Zi, Taibai and Dongpo's Poems of China, Tagore, Kawabata Yasunari and Hemingway of foreign countries, and has been unable to fathom between the beginning and the end of the transition.. Speaking, my brother still reads too little and feels shallow.! After reading this, you should ignore him, abandon him and attack another person again.. Literature advances through breakthroughs. You should always pay attention to where predecessors have gone and where peers have gone.? You can only inherit and not repeat any one of us. When you read his works, you should pull him to your feet to read them.. This is not arrogance, this is to know its long and short, teacher spirit and abandon fur. Nihilism is ridiculous, but he kneels down completely and reads it. He can benefit you or damage you, forever behind his ass.. You must remember this well.. (责任编辑:admin)




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