The wind will remember 400 words after reading the fragrance

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   In the summer vacation, I got a good book, "the wind will remember the fragrance of a flower". when I saw the title, I thought it was just a simple story book. when I opened the title and read it carefully page by page, I was moved by meaningful and beautiful words.. This book is divided into nine series, each of which tells a different theme.. My favorite "The Wind Will Remember the Fragrance of a Flower" is the second album, which tells the trivial experiences in life, plain but true..

   Putting down my books, I began to notice more small details of life around me. I would care about things and people around me. I would pay attention to a lot of life that happened every day before, but I never cared about it: the sun shines on the earth, I am walking, others are walking and smiling at each other. this is a kind of joy.. Looking at eight or nine o'clock, housewives bought vegetables to go home, chose vegetables by the roadside, and pulled home face to face and street to street.. The sun is like a fish, jumping freely in the treetops, branches and leaves, and the ground. I seem to smell the food.. Every time I return home, I can also meet some acquaintances. Grandpa Zhang, who plays Taiji at 4: 00 or 5: 00, Aunt Wang, who walks the dog, and Li Nainai, who walks, the community will suddenly be very lively, and life will become rich and colorful and full of layers.. As the book writes, who does a person's existence matter to?? In this world, there are always some people who remember you, just as the wind remembers the fragrance of a flower. This is the case when dust comes and goes..

   When it comes to friendship, I no longer simply think that friendship is just a partnership that plays with each other, friendship can last forever, and friendship can also be a pillar of hope in life.. For example, when we are in trouble, the first person to help you is a friend. The one who gives Solanin the fastest hand is also a friend nearby. When we are sad, the only ones who can understand and share our worries are my parents and my good friends. On the way forward in life, those who share the same interests are my friends, the so-called "near Zhu Zhechi and close the ink is black". It is also very important for me to have a good friend..

   When it comes to flowers, there is a real example beside me: I accidentally missed a seed in the window sill, inside. A few days later, when I went to water, I found that the seed actually sprouted green buds, and that small new bud was a symbol of nature's life.. I watched it grow little by little every day, until the day when it bloomed, it was a sunflower.. Yellow petals are as bright as the sun.. It can bloom only by perseverance, which is just like its saying: Persistence! Even 澳利国际 if unfortunately humble into a weed, through their own efforts, can also make the fate change, live a different scene!

   Life is constantly updated, and time goes by without repetition. However, I believe that there are always some people who will remember our good times.!





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