You can't see tears when you run at night.

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   I like to run at night, because only in the dark night can I freely shed tears, no one hears or sees, only I know.

   I am a northerner, and the 24 BC of my life is spent in the north, which is full of roads and plains. However, God has played a funny joke on me, making me struggle alone in the mountains and mountains in the south now.. I was born in general, and my parents were both farmers. My parents worked hard to use their hard-earned money for me to go to school and study. I dare not slacken my efforts to make myself excellent so that my parents can be comforted. My uncle's children (that is, my cousin) have always been my goal of learning, and my cousin's performance is really worth learning.. My uncle's family was poor, and my cousin was smart and sensible from an early age. He moved bricks to other people's homes to make money to supplement his family's income. His academic performance was among the best. He passed the Selected Graduates in Tianjin by his own efforts and changed his fate.. From the first day of college, I intentionally followed my cousin's development path to cultivate myself, taking scholarships, being a student cadre, competing for good students, and joining the Communist Party of China. Through unremitting efforts, I met all the conditions in Selected Graduates. What is dramatic is that in the end, I missed the Selected Graduates examination in this province because of my internship. I still remember that day when I kicked a tree with my feet like crazy, because I decided to take the entrance examination in Selected Graduates, another province. I wanted to give myself an explanation, but unexpectedly got 澳利国际 into the examination. In order to support my family, I started a wandering life of working in another place..

   I was organized to work in a local township. I thought I could adapt well, but now it seems really naive.. The first is the language barrier. I don't understand the local dialect. I speak mandarin with a northern accent to communicate with the local people. just like the other members of the ethnic group, the diet is "unique". others eat rice as their staple food and food as their supplementary food, while I eat food as my meal and food as my food. at first, I was embarrassed to eat with my colleagues....... The many differences between the north and the south have given me a headache for some time..

   Slowly adapt to life, but the spirit is always lonely.. When the night is still and the lights are on, I can only stay alone in inside, my staff dormitory, looking out of the window in a daze. In order to avoid loneliness, I wander around the street, play ball in the playground of the school every day, look at the people around me, and truly realize the loneliness under the prosperity.. Every weekend and holiday, I am very afraid. Others can live in a humble home, but I can only feel the sadness of not being able to return home all the time. I put down my figure and ask my friends to play. My mild refusal and unresponsiveness always make me flour red-eared..

   When I am lonely, I run to the street in the dead of night and always think of the delicious noodles in my hometown, the straight and flat roads in my hometown, the Neighborhood who talks about the daily life in the alley mouth, the parents and sisters, relatives and friends I miss most, the sadness will always flow back into a river, and the tears will flow down unconsciously and drift away in this strange and familiar city with the wind.! And I . . but can only continue to run at night!





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