On the Road to Homeland

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   On the Road to Homeland

   My hometown is in my memory, inside

   It is a distant and fragrant ear of grain

   From time to time flashing in the wandering dream of inside

   The footsteps of Kong Wen are like the yellow leaves flying in inside in autumn wind.

   Chai Men, who has never been able to touch conversion

   The symbol of hometown is like a birthmark on one's body.

   No matter how far the journey involved

   The first cry can never be erased.

   Plumes of smoke from kitchen chimneys

   Over and over again across the thatched eaves

   The ancient trees and courtyards in the deep well of the low-rise building are endlessly tugging at each other.

   Heart is faint unreal pain

   Familiar faces one by one

   With a bright, cheerful and comfortable smile

   Like just coming but gone with the wind

   The Green Gauze of inside in inside, Yuan Ye

   The wandering footsteps approached the long-lost village.

   Far across the sky澳利国际

   Soul-shaking accents

   Even listen to a long night of barking

   It is also the biggest luxury of wandering life in inside..

   Even if my hometown is always on the other side of the road

   The wandering footsteps are supported by the soul of the township.

   A heart that has been drifting for a long time will never hesitate.

   Soul Travel in the City of inside

   As a teenager

   What the streets of the small town look like

   It was my first thought about the city.

   So every morning reading at dawn

   Agitated the desire to walk out of the valley.

   The city is opposite to people born in the countryside.

   Is always a gorgeous symbol

   I began to try to use my own feet

   In this strange street

   Measure inch by inch

   One after another rushing about

   In the reinforced concrete world of inside

   Become so small and hurried

   Livelihood makes more people blur the concept of hometown.

   Sincere Temperature Remaining in Memory

   Hurry's Soul Can't Allow Young Heart to Wander Slightly Loosely

   Walk through the city

   I am a passer-by in my travel.

   The building where I lived yesterday

   Today is the land of famine

   Sitting alone on the streets of the city of inside

   Give yourself a set back

   Looking for their own from where

  Where does it go from here

   Author: Shi Hai Tian Zhong





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