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   I read a sentence about time this morning and want to write down some experiences:

   "The reason why you think time goes faster and faster year by year is because time is more important to you year by year.. "

   When I was a child, I always felt that the time was so long, as if I would never grow up. In this life, I was destined to be a child in the adult world of inside..

   Children are all looking forward to the new year, but the more they look forward to it, the more they think it will take a long time to wait until the new year's day.. Even, after such a long wait, inside really slowly forgot his hope.. The joy of the New Year, the joy of eating delicious food, the joy of wearing new clothes and the joy of reaping new year's money will always come back to surprise you until you have almost forgotten the New Year..

   And the long day after day of getting up early to go to school, after school, and then getting up early to go to school, it has to be repeated countless times, when will it end?? As if one could not see at a glance for a long time.. Mention long, there is also a summer, girls don't often go out to play, nor are there so many children's rich and colorful "entertainment", impression of inside that cicadas scream is so long, non-stop cried. Sometimes I worry that my mother will take a nap. I crouch beside The Wall on a long summer afternoon to watch the little ants work hard.. It will take a long time for the scorching sun to fall from the west, so that one day for a long period of time in inside there is only a thin and narrow shadow of The Wall at the corner of the wall for the ants to hide in the shade of inside on their way..

   When I was a child, I always wanted to grow up quickly. When I grow up, I make my own money and buy as many chocolates as I want, black, white and sandwich. I don't have to look for my mother because I'm worried that we will eat all the rest in which drawer. Want to buy which beautiful clothes to buy back, don't have to wear the rest of my sister; Don't have to go to class again, do what you want after class, also don't have to do homework . in short, when you grow up, there will always be so many good things to come, but that is a long wait .

   Long, childhood, the concept of time is long, how still not class, how still not years old, how still not grow up? Time you walk faster, those wonderful expectations will come.. However, memory of inside is always so slow and so long.

   Now that you have grown up, time, since when have you stepped up your pace?? And faster and faster, who are you racing against, me? Is it just me? Because you have not been treated well for so many years before, do you abandon the same thing and stay away from me?? I can't catch up with your rhythm..

   This morning, a middle-aged couple stood in front of me in the morning market in inside to buy things. They said that old age was definitely not considered, but it was also obvious that they didn't have to go to work after retirement.. Standing in a long line of inside, I was very anxious and thought it was a waste of time to line up like this.. He raised his voice and asked how long it would take to get down to me.? The shopkeeper answered, "Ten minutes. "Ten minutes, not long, but also in a hurry. Can't do nothing, hand inside carrying heavy things but still took out his mobile phone to read the new concept, remember a few words is also good.

   In recent years, I have been paying more attention to time. The more precious I feel about it, the more gold I won't change. I can't change anything.. I don't like to eat, drink and socialize. I don't like to meet or chat with people I don't like to pass the time. I want to spend my time with people I like and do things I like to do.. But sometimes, at the end of the day, I still sigh that I haven't done anything meaningful. Today, I feel distressed to think of this.. At our age, we can't see the end of life at a glance, and we still don't have to wonder how much time we have to waste for the rest of our lives.. However, I was still worried. I could not help thinking of the text when I was a child. Zhu Ziqing said in "Rush" inside: "When I washed my hands, the days passed by in the basin of inside. When eating, the days passed from the rice bowl of inside. In silence, he passed by before his frozen eyes . "he writes so delicately that no one else has to interpret it, because one day we will feel the same way, and no one can be an exception..

   Different stages of life have different feelings for time.. Besides, the middle-aged 澳利国际 couple I met this morning. They were laid back there.. Sometimes the two did not speak, and both looked straight at the shop owner working busily there.. For a while and leisurely chatting on a few words, "what dishes to buy later? "The man asked," look at buying, all right, buy more leafy vegetables. "The woman also don't look at her husband, as if don't want to hold half snacks for these trivial things, just casually. "Well, buy some more fruits, winter dates, oranges, grapes. "The man continued," will do. "The woman still don't want to say a word more about this matter. Such a harmonious dialogue, it can be imagined that after the queue, the couple will go together to buy some vegetables and fruits, and will also stroll around casually and pick and buy at will.. I wish I could buy it in the morning. I don't need to worry about where to go and what to do when I buy it earlier.. At the age of retirement, life seems to be left with companionship. You accompany me to waste my time. I accompany you to grow old. Everything is in no hurry. Let nature take its course.. (责任编辑:admin)




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