Sentences Describing Surrounded by mist and cloud

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   Sentences Describing Surrounded by mist and cloud

  [sentence 1]a wipe of Dust, smoke fills the air, thousands of inside smoke waves, gaunt litter. A dream in one's life is full of smoke inside and outside, with nihilistic beauty, poetic obscurity, poetic melancholy, expectation and lotus-like clarity..

   Fog is undoubtedly the most temperamental in my heart, because it frees my mind and makes me happy.. Before the sun stretched its waist, the fog had surrounded the whole earth-houses, mountains, Yuan Ye, and I had be COMe a bag of fog.. It is unpredictable, making people who come into contact with it wonder and yearn for it, and this is exactly where fog attracts me..

   Walking on a broad road, ah! Just like a beautiful girl who hurriedly weaves a thin gauze blanket for the earth, she can't wait to spread it on the ground before embroidering it for people to appreciate.. The mountains in the distance are hazy and only a little shadow can be seen faintly. The fog is lining the mountains. I'm afraid the painter can't depict this picture. It's really beautiful..

  [sentence 4]The smoke has changed into strange shapes and colors. For a moment, it is like a light curtain floating in the air. For a moment, it seems to be selected from the censer inside, rising straight. For a moment, it seems to become a flour banner floating in the wind over the chimney..

  [Sentence 5]Between heaven and earth, white fog is shrouded in dense fog, with flowers and trees nearby, mountains and houses in the distance appearing and disappearing.. Pedestrians on the road come and go, sometimes can only hear their messy, intermittent footsteps, only at the moment of approaching, can see their faces clearly, when turned to look again, their back as if into the illusory "fairyland" .

  [sentence 6]the morning mist is like milky gauze. it is like a dream, like magic, like poetry, like painting. it can't be waved away, pulled away, and cut off. it blocks my sight and makes people feel like they are floating in the clouds and want to return..

   The fog in Shuangfeng Mountain is warm. She seemed to be a large freehand painting, hanging down from the sky, making the bamboo sea appear as if it were hidden and the spring water as if it were coagulated and flowing.. She does not belong to the kind of dense fog that "locks the mountain top and locks the mountain fog", which makes people gasp for air and is not sparse and boring mist.. The beauty of her is that she seems to appear and disappear, giving people a sense of mystery. The beauty of her is that she is quiet and elegant, giving people a fresh and natural feeling. The wonderful thing about her is that she is white and kind, giving people a warm feeling..

  [Sentence 8]The smoke from kitchen chimneys near and far, silk, wisp, roll, light, heavy, thick gray, light green, pale, rose gradually in the statically determinate vibrant inside and gradually disappeared.

  [sentence 9]heavy fog filled the space between heaven and earth, as if a very thick and very wide curtain had fallen from the sky.. My sight was completely blocked by fog, as if in space inside is only so big in front of me.. We sat in the car, the fog got into the window and curled around people's sides and feet.. The roadside trees can only see a The Black Shadows..

  [sentence 10]fog, like tangible and intangible, hazy ethereal between literati poems ( cn).

  [Sentence]Fog in Qinyuanchun: The scenery of Beijing is hazy with thousands of inside and thousands of miles of dust. Looking inside and outside the Third Ring Road, the fog is Phaungkaza Maung Maung, the bird's nest is up and down, and the haze is surging.! The car dances like a snake, smoke locks the runway, and if you want to go to the 6th ring road to drive the car, you need to clean the inside and outside of the car with all your heart on a sunny day.. The air was so bad that countless beautiful women wore masks, but they hid their faces and put on white makeup.! It is difficult to judge coquettishness if you only show your eyes.. A generation of tianjiao, CCTV underpants, see the back seat not waist. When dust enters the lungs, some people who do not want to die also do morning exercises..

  [sentence 11]Fog swims in the mountains, like painter splash-ink painting, turning the original mountains into scenes and making pictures one by one..

   The fog gradually melted and faded.. At the foot of the mountain, there was a faint breeze, the fog yarn was rolled up in a corner, revealing a blue sky, dazzling blue. Everything was wiped clean by the morning mist, how fresh the air was..

  [sentence 13]as soon as the rain stopped, the fog came surging from the hidden valley. at first, the fog was like gauze and smoke from kitchen chimneys. she gently stroked us. as soon as the rain stopped, the fog came surging from the hidden valley. at first, the fog was like gauze and smoke from kitchen chimneys. she gently stroked us and instantly flooded everything in front of her.. Looking down at this moment is the vast white sea of clouds. Looking up at the towering peaks is like a boat in the surging river. The mountains float in the clouds and people are in Traveling in a pictorial world.. (责任编辑:admin)




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