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   He is an orphan, wandering in the streets and begging for a living Full stop. Every day I accept other people's eyes and spittle, as well as hatred and abandon Full stop. Nowadays, many beggars in racketeering earn more than 10,000 yuan a month … many people classify him as a liar Full stop. But no matter what, he is smiling, smiling and grateful to the kind people, smiling and not caring about those who abandon him Full stop.

   His clothes were tattered and stained, give off an unbearable stink. Those who passed by him all covered their noses and mouths, even distanced themselves from them.. He was carrying a big bag, in the hot sun, dry mouth, dry mouth. He occasionally looked up at other children 澳利国际 being led around by their parents, jumping around and playing the woman occasionally. Parents would buy them ice cream and beautiful clothes.. There was envy and jealousy in his eyes..

   As he was stunned, a pair of young white hands handed him a bottle of pure water.. He looked up, she looked like an angel, clean and lovely face, pure smile, Jellicent's very want to bite, he took a kind of Desire, but he couldn't help but feel inferior again. She is so beautiful and dirty. How dare you pick up that bottle of water, even if it dirties her or that bottle of water?.

   "Brother. "Her voice is like music, sweet like melted candy.

   He blushed a little, lowered his head, and was embarrassed. His hands were clasped to his sleeves like rags..

   Her mother, with a gentle smile, squatted down and put the water in his arms, "don't be afraid. "And took out a one hundred dollar bill into his hand and said," buy some delicious food. "Say that finish with her to the distance.

   "mom, why don't my brother look at me, am I not beautiful. "She was slightly disappointed.

   "My baby is the most beautiful, brother is shy. "

   This is just an episode. She will be his most beautiful memory..

   One night, there was thunder and lightning, and it was raining cats and dogs, and he was still picking up bottles in the rain. He did not have a fixed place to stay. He had not found the place to stay this time.. The emaciated figure braved the rain to fall and looked for waste products on the road. Cars sped past him. The accumulated water on the road kept hitting him. Some splashed into his mouth, inside, and he swallowed it.. The rain mercilessly hit his face, maybe he will take this opportunity to shed tears.

   He felt a little un COMfortable and curled up under the eaves of a family to take shelter from the rain.. It rained incessantly. I don't know how long it will rain. He felt dizzy and uncomfortable, retching.. He knew he had a high fever, chills and no fire. He wanted to keep warm.. In this way for a long time, he has been in a coma, he tried to open his eyes, but the body does not allow, eyes a blur. Suddenly a white figure appeared in front of his eyes, unable to see clearly, and then plunged into darkness..

   When he woke up, he was in a house in inside with food on the table. He missed his parents. The lights flickered and it was still raining outside the window. Only then did he find that he had changed into a clean and fresh suit, which was a little too big for him.. A flash of white shadow outside the window slipped through the door and came in quickly.. He was afraid and hid under the table, motionless..

   "Son, don't be afraid, aunt see if your fever is gone? "A pale woman squatted under the table and looked at him lovingly..

   "You . Who are you?? "He was too frightened, stuttering.

   "This is my home, later you will live here. "The woman smiled and held out her hand.

   He felt that the woman didn't mean any harm, and slowly climbed out, "I have a fever, you saved me?! Thank you. "He bowed deeply to the woman. The etiquette of bowing is still something he occasionally sees big bosses do, and sometimes he learns when hiding outside other people's shops watching TV. This is the first time he has done it, and he doesn't know whether it is right or not..

   The woman was flattered and stretched out her hand to help him up..

   His body was shaking and the woman's hands were too cold. It felt like he had no warm clothes in winter and inside was shivering in the corner..He hurriedly pulled out his hand, "I'm sorry, I. I'm a little cold.. "

   The woman was stunned, touched her hand and sighed, "It's okay, son.". What's your name?. "

   "My name is Jiaxing, can you call me baby? "His eyes have hope and expectation.

   "Well, baby, later you are my child, my name is Chen. "The woman moved the table to Jiaxing," eat the baby. "

   "Dinner. "Jiaxing is very happy, finally have a good person for him.

   Mrs. Chen's house is not big. It is a side-by-side house. The toilet is next to the kitchen, and the kitchen is next to the bedroom, which is also the living room.. Aunt Chen told Jiaxing, "At night in Not Going Out Season 4, there are many snakes and insects outside and it is not safe.". " (责任编辑:admin)




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