Sorry, I will leave eventually.

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   Unconsciously, the Three Rural Areas are coming to an end.. In recent days, there is something wrong with the atmosphere, everyone's face is hard to hide sadness, seems to be forced to smile. In fact, everyone knows in their hearts that we are going to leave soon..

   Before the three rural areas, I did not take the three rural areas as one thing, but only as a task assigned to us by the school.. When my friends around me asked me what the "three rural areas" were, I could only copy and paste them from Baidu over and over again, telling them that the "three rural areas" were for science and technology, culture and health, and were carried out by colleges and universities during the summer vacation.. A social practice aimed at improving the comprehensive quality of college students. I don't think three rural areas can bring me anything..

   But now, I find I was wrong.. "People are not vegetation, which can be ruthless". Three rural areas brought me their smiling faces, their happiness, and after nearly 10 days of contact, I found that the children here are very innocent and lovely.. Every day after class, they don't want to go home and stay and play with us. They say there will not be so many people playing with them in the future.. I felt their deep attachment to us..

   Leaving is always the cruelest thing.. Today, when I arrived in the classroom, I was surrounded by them, one by one holding a notebook and asking me to leave my phone number and QQ. They wanted to leave a trace so that they would not think of what had happened in this period of time and find no trace.. And I, too, am trying to remember their names. I would like to believe that if I remember their names, I can remember everything. I don't want to leave and everything here becomes blank.. I still appeared in their life, although only a passer-by.

澳利国际   Wen Jiajie, a naughty child, today I asked him, "We are going back soon, will you miss us?"? "He nodded without hesitation and said:" Yes. "The answer was unexpected, I think I hurt him, the heart in remorse, I shouldn't have asked this question. I wish he said, "No.. "so I, at least I know I didn't hurt anyone, I can leave without worry.

   I've been thinking recently, what did I bring to them when I came to the countryside?. I don't think I have brought them anything.. Although I teach them in the support group, I think that even if I don't learn what I teach now, they will learn and perhaps learn better in the future.. I think I am guilty. I have not brought them anything, but I want them to bear the pain of parting prematurely.. But I can only say: "I'm sorry, I will leave eventually.". "





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