The move at that moment was unusual.

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   I have always believed that those who cherish the past will surely have a kind Alciz Shurek who loves himself and others..


   On a chilly afternoon today, I happened to see an article written by writer Madre on the Internet, "There is always a moment that is unusual.". The story tells that the author one day "saw a child standing at the gate of jinbaihui supermarket, just looking at the ice cream seller and not leaving.". Is a six or seven-year-old child in the countryside, dressed up. He looked at all kinds 澳利国际 of ice bullies coming out of the iron inside, and put them in colorful pointed cylinder inside, curious and longing.. He couldn't help licking his lips and said, "Mom, I want that."! "He conveniently pointed to the ice bullying full of temptation.".

   "No, I don't eat this, let's go! ""no, I don't go, I want to! The child tugged at his mother's hand and stood still.. ""that also have to wait for your father to come back to buy again. ""no, dad went to a far away place to scrub and earn money. he won't be back until autumn.. I want it now.! ""mom, I just want to try, what is that smell. ""At this moment, a well-dressed lady came to the front of selling ice cream and asked for two ice cream. She gave one of them to her son, then walked quickly to the crying child, squatted down and handed him the ice cream left in her hand.. ""here, bright, don't cry. "she touched the child's head and said," mom won't buy it for you, aunt will buy it for you. ""after that, she stood up, nodded slightly toward the child's mother, smiled and led her child away.. After walking out of the crowd, the lady's son was puzzled. he grabbed his mother's skirt and asked, "mom, do you know liangliang?"? "The lady said," No, son, mother doesn't know. ""then how do you know his name is Liang Liang? "Why buy ice bullying to him? ""the child is still looking for the bottom line, want to find out. "the lady smiled and said:" don't ask so many questions, children. when you grow up, mother will tell you. "

   This is just one of the paragraphs. When I read the whole article, tears suddenly burst out of my eyes, reminding me of a simple past that cannot be simpler when I met in a small town in the south..

   The reason why I said it was simple, just like having no experience, moved me for a long time..

   One summer evening that year, when it was time for dinner, I walked out of the small hotel under the dim yellow light.. (

   I turned right as I did every day and walked alone up the noisy Renming Road.. In the humid night of inside, a small town in the south, shops on both sides of the first street were open and the lights were flashing.. Walking to the corner of the department store, when crossing the busy road to another small street, I saw a woman holding her daughter in her hand. The mother and daughter were dressed untidily. The woman looked over 30 years old and the child was seven or eight years old.. Suddenly the woman came up to me and said, "Eldest brother, you see my daughter hasn't eaten in a day". Before the woman finished speaking, I subconsciously thought that another woman with her child pretended to be a singer and asked for money in the street. Liar, love ease and hate work, this is their business.. At first, I was a little bit self-protective, ignored, and I still walked on..

   I had just walked two steps away when I heard the woman say, "eldest brother, I don't want money or anything. it's just that the child hasn't eaten in a day. I just want eldest brother to buy a bowl of rice for the child.". "

   My heart suddenly tightened, stopped, turned around and looked at the woman's helpless praying eyes, somehow suddenly touched the softest place in my heart..

   On weekdays in inside, this small street is bustling with people of all kinds. They either scurry or walk slowly. Tonight, some people just look at mother and daughter with curiosity, but most of them walk away with evasive eyes..

   At this moment, the little girl said, "Mom, I'm hungry. I want to eat this rice cake.". "After hearing this, I felt that the child's eyes seemed to have never tasted the taste of rice cake. I said: Come on, son, uncle bought it for you.. Then, the mother and daughter and I went to another small restaurant across the street to serve the children a bowl of steaming beef noodles.. When I was about to leave, the little girl said, "Uncle, you are a good man, thank you."! "A simple word, I didn't care, just smile. At this moment, the little girl added: "Mom, you haven't eaten for a day, you eat, you eat first." "Mom is not hungry, you eat, you eat.". "Hear mother and daughter say a answer, I know I made an unforgivable mistake, deeply remorse yourself, do good things, will do in the end, why didn't I think to give her a bowl of flour. I quickly ordered another bowl of flour for the boss to take to the woman's table..However, what I didn't think of was that this woman stood up and wept. She gently touched my forehead and bowed again. At that moment, I was stunned and at a loss. I didn't know why, but suddenly my eyes were moist.. At that time, I thought I had only done a simple thing within my power. Why does a woman have such gratitude?? Perhaps she met with something difficult, perhaps she thinks that the food and clothing of the mother and daughter is the most important thing, I really can't afford such a heavy thank you.! (责任编辑:admin)




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