I miss your sentence very much.

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   I miss your sentence very much.

   1. I love the bookmark a thousand times and ten thousand times. I have a feeling that it has no beginning and no result, but it occupies me all the time. That is the feeling of missing you..

   2. Make a small boat, let it carry my missing heart, row to you far away, send my gentle kiss, untie the worry between your brow, and drive away the worry in your heart.

   3, miss through Qian Shan water buckle ring your doors and windows, you can find the petals of the window more than a glittering and translucent tears.

   4. I will cultivate my feelings as a migratory bird, chasing the old dream of meeting with you every day.. I borrow the white clouds passing by in the blue sky to tell you: "Come home, my dear ones."! "

   5. I want to let the season stay and miss you in the place where you once stayed.. The memory written on the branches whitewashes the lonely sky like Beyond the Mountain..

   6, wake up every day, your clear shadow in front of my eyes. No matter what hand inside does, for a while, he must be distracted, just thinking of you and counting when you will COMe back..

   I feel lonely now, I miss you so much.! I miss you not because I am lonely, but only because of you when I am lonely.!

   8. As long as you are willing, when you are frustrated and need a shoulder most, tell me that I will appear immediately..

   9. In my missing, I asked the swan goose one thousand times and ten thousand times for the bright moon and the spring breeze. May the swan goose bring my love to you. May the bright moon bring my regards to you. May spring breeze send my concern to you!

   10, every night when you offline, I always seem so desolate.

   11. Cold snap cannot cool my love, hurricane cannot blow away my missing, noise cannot cover my heart, night cannot cover my deep feeling, I really miss you so much!

   12, miss you, from mouth to heart, from morning till night, all the time, everywhere, I miss you! A kind of Desire is extremely strong-want to be with you!

   13, I really miss you, too much emotion, no appropriate expression, do you miss you like me? If I don't know love without you, if I don't meet you, what's the point of being unhappy and unhappy?? Because of you, my life is so beautiful.

   14, miss you, (Meiwen.com. Cn) Memories are the only prescription to accompany me through the long night.. Build by laying bricks or stones a cup of strong tea, miss will dissolve into the bitter tea inside, the light flying green leaves is my thoughts. Only in such a night, in such bitter inside, did I know that missing is also bitter

   15, how hope, time to stop its pace, let's revisit the past; How I wish I could be with you and share my friendship with you.

   I want to be with you everyday.. Thinking of you all the time and dreaming of you every night.. I miss you when I open my eyes.. I really want to hug you right away.. I miss you so much. I miss you so much. I didn't miss you at that moment. Where are you? Is that okay now? I am waiting here, I know I am deceiving myself, but I still hope you can come back, because there are also your memories here, although you no longer want to stay..

   17. Some people say that when you look up at the starry sky on a rainy night, if you see a Dimming Spark, then those who miss you are crying.. When I miss you, I look up at the sky. I see my own tears. I don't know if you see Dimming Spark at your window in the distance..

   18. Thinking about love is a mysterious thing. glitter suddenly disappears and sinks in my heart.. I can't resist, especially at night, I miss you till I can't breathe, miss you, open the window for another year, the scenery is very different.. Thinking of you is a kind of 澳利国际 beauty and happiness, so I choose to continue thinking of you in the future..

   When I miss you, I force myself to drink a whole bottle of wine, put myself down, stop thinking, stop missing, but when I wake up, I think your dream is still going on.

   20. As the years go by, the true feelings remain. The gap between inside and China is continuous. Long Dark Night, starry; Sincerely pray and be with you..





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