Here you go, forever (composing poems)

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   Give it to you.

   Just so wordlessly miss

   With my scarred poetic heart

   Imagine appearance at this time

   You are laughing

   Still sad

   It's just that the suffering I bear is too heavy.

   Just a sad man

   Stay on my manuscript forever.

   I dare not make any more fervent calls.

   Hold out your stubborn arms to stop you

   Let you stop in my territory

   alas! A tearful heart

   May be wiped dry by the fingers of time

   But blood cannot be wiped off.

   Just staring at you in eyes

   I just hold your expectation tightly.

   And I can't explain

   Here you go again

   Only the wind and waves still beat back and forth.

   The nameless roar originated from another

   More distant depths

   To oppress my solitary body

   My poor voice can't spread far.

   Just so weakly maintained

   A kind of responsibility

   A wisp of invisible suffocation

   Whose 安信娱乐 plot is this so cruel

   At a loss, look around could not see anyone

   I am so bitter.

   It is already countless day and night

   My tired heart

   Wandering and Wandering Without Home

   I really want to still drop my crutches now.

   Stay away from The Wall surrounded by gossip.

   Build a Home in inside with Your Broad Vision

   Build a Home in inside in Your Deep Desire

   For you forever

   I have long listened attentively to your voice

   Your smile has been carefully collected for a long time.

   Your back, your eyes

   Your uncontrollable gaze

   Hold my heart firmly

   Do you really want to come with me

   Do you trudge on my crawling road?

   It's already the moon and the stars are thinner and deeper.

   I know the nostalgia at this time is the deepest.

   I know the yearning at this time is deepest.

  alas! When can I stand by your side

   Touch your little hand sincerely

   With decades of ups and downs, a deep grip

   When can I be intimate face to face

   Endless lovesickness

   An endless stream of heartfelt tears

   Author: prodigal son





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