Love should be sweet, and I always am, Worry about personal

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   I don't know how to say some words, because I am not sure about some things, but I still feel very happy..

   In fact, the most wonderful thing in one's life is to find someone worth your while, worth your efforts for him..

   In fact, sometimes not all our feelings should be rewarded accordingly.

   However, most of the 安信娱乐 time we will lose and complain because we cannot get the reward..

   When we are willing to give for a person, we will think it is worth it.

   Just like unrequited love, I am unknown, even if I have never been known, I feel happy..

   However, there is no secret love for a lifetime in this world.

   No one is really willing to pay for another person without regret all his life..

   When we give a lot but can't get the rewards we want,

   We will take back all our previous love and complain about those we have given love to..

   I don't know what kind of person I am. In fact, I have said this many times before..

   I'm not the kind of person you can like with a glance or a few words.

   Nature also can't become others want to protect the object.

   Sometimes, I like to show off a flour that I am not liked by others..

   Because, in my eyes, people who hate me are at least not liked by me..

   I am ashamed to express my heart, because I am still so uncertain..

   He is a humorous person, occasionally serious, occasionally guilty of two, occasionally Pudor.

   With him, even Worry about personal gains and losses, I feel very happy and sweet in my heart..

   I think, perhaps love is like this, not necessarily as sweet as honey.

   I am a person who is not easy to feel safe, just like what he said, I like to entertain foolish ideas..

   Even a casual remark will make me depressed for a long time..

   Friends said, this is not love, love should be sweet, and I always like this Worry about personal gains and losses.

   However, I understand myself, just as I still believe that we are together.

   Although, we seldom meet, although we are just ordinary telephone inside words, there is no sweet sweet words.

   He is not a person who can give me enough security, but I still feel very happy..





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