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   Light leisurely inside, a gust of wind drifting across, took away the footprints of the years, leaving the breath of life.. The summer flowers are still bright and the time will not be dim. I just want to read the feelings of fleeting inside carefully in the words that I fall in love with inside..

   Memories, sometimes like fireworks, scattered in the years of inside fragrance. In life, sometimes there will be many appearances that will confuse our eyes and mind, but fortunately, time will prove everything to us..

   Life is a process of self-proof from beginning to end.. In this life, we will meet some people, we will encounter some things, we will miss some things, we will know some things, finally, some people will find their own position, in the limited life of inside bloom belongs to their own wonderful.

   San Mao said, If There Is An Afterlife, to be a tree, stand forever, no sad posture; Half in the dust inside serene, half in the air float in the sky; Half scattered cool, half bathed in sunshine. Very quiet, very proud, never relying on, never looking for.

   And I just want to take a good grasp of this life and become a better self, so I don't have to please anyone.. The attitude of life should not be emotional ups and downs, nor is it the exultation and sorrow of attitude, but whether one likes or dislikes any ups and downs, whether one is calm or not, whether one is calm or not, whether one should face it with some calm, whether one should embellish it with some smiles, whether one is floating or impetuous, whether one is flattered or not..

   I like to sit in a quiet corner in my spare time, read a good book, have a spiritual exchange with my thoughts, and find food for my soul.. I like to hold a plain pen when I am in high spirits to add a beautiful thought to my life and write a poetic indifferentness to my life..

   Somehow, we all get something and we all lose something.. Life is a pity. Forgive your imperfection, and you will live more calmly and calmly.. The pursuit of too much worldly utility makes us too tired to live. Why don't we occasionally put down our hard pursuit of fame and wealth, look at the world with a weak mood and feel the Un monde presque paisible, perhaps you will find something different and beautiful, perhaps you will find something that truly belongs to you.

   The sunshine outside is bright and beautiful, and it is also free of charge.. When upset, go out for a walk; When you are worried, go out for a stroll. When feeling sad, go out and look at the outside world. Calm down. You will find the world is different in beauty. You will find the life is different in splendor.. In the warm time of inside, it is already a very beautiful thing to feel the smell of the wind and capture the breath of the cloud slowly..

   Or, the light wind inside has a kind of light sorrow, so, occasionally think of those light person, inadvertently, under the lonely thoughts not lest began to melodramatic. Some feelings vary from person to person, but they cannot be handled once they are triggered. Some thoughts, will rise with the wind, will also Gone With the Wind; Some people, met in this life is good.

   Life is like a dream, after several prosperous, several depression, only fireworks moment, I do not know how many beautiful years missed.

   I have always believed that all the intimate encounters in life in inside are unexpected, all the encounters and all the loves are deliberately made by fate.. Looking back at your face in your brow, your smile became eternal when you took it lightly..

   Love is sometimes really simple. I know you love me, you know I love you, and we all know that we love each other deeply.. Even a simple hand-holding, a warm hug and a deep kiss can express all our love for each other..

   I really like the myriad feelings Zhang Ailing wrote in the short essay "Love" by inside: among thousands of people, meet the person you want to meet. In thousands of years, inside, the boundless wilderness of time, has just caught up, neither earlier nor later. There is nothing else to say but to say softly: "Oh, Here, Too?"? "

   Who is your pink lady in 安信娱乐注册 inside? Who are you, a young dreamer?? I often wonder how many sleepless nights I have to wait before I can meet you in that gorgeous flower show.. Even if, just say a word; Even if, only look at you, even if, only a simple look back; Even if, only heard a little news about you.

   Sitting alone in front of the court to listen to the voice of the flowers, watching the flowers fall helplessly, lonely thoughts let me get into endless lingering. Time stroking the inside wind of the years, recalling the old inside dream, missing the time is a pity once, passing happiness is the best recollection..

   Walking on the road of the world of mortals, looking at you, who is no longer young, and at yourself, who is no longer ignorant, one cannot help feeling relieved.. It turns out that we can't go back to the season of love, leaving only the colorful First Love Again to you and me.. (责任编辑:admin)




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