The significance of chasing stars

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   Star, in ancient records, refers to Venus. At that time, people thought Venus was the brightest star in the night sky, so the word star was used to indicate its characteristics.. Today, the word "star" has become a star figure leading the trend of contemporary fashion, giving it no single meaning as before..

   All my friends around me know that I like a star now and have embarked on the journey of chasing stars.. Many people disapprove of the pursuit of stars. They say that this is too childish and is a waste of their most precious time.. However, from my point of view, chasing stars is still desirable. As long as it is not too exaggerated, to the extent of the obsession, is still ok. On the Internet, I have seen a lot of negative reports about star-chasing. Many people, in order to pursue a star, have actually ignored their academic career and their families and pursued the footsteps of stars. In the end, they are penniless and homeless outside the country. This is a tragedy that is not understood by people. Such star-chasing has lost its meaning, is not recognized by me and will not be recognized by most people..

   What I think about chasing stars is that I like this person's beautiful 安信娱乐注册 flour and the positive energy that this person has transmitted to us. We know him and know him through various channels.. However, every coin has both positive and negative sides, proving that everything in the world has both sides. If there is a good flour, there will be a missing flour.. We are not chasing stars to absorb everything from this star. What we want to see is to accept the most elegant flour he shows. This is exactly where we need to learn from these people. We will also understand the places they show that will not be recognized by others, but these places are not where we learn from them..

   For example, I now like Yang Yang, a popular niche in the entertainment circle.. What I see in my eyes is a star who is full of sunshine, handsome and hard working.. I can be very happy to see his TV plays, movies, and all kinds of entertainment reports to get to know such a person.. You can buy some things with the pattern of this person in your life and remind yourself all the time that all kinds of advantages in this person are the places you should strive for in the future. You are not required to be perfect like that, but there are many bad habits in your life that will change because of your subtle imitation and study.. These are the real positive energy of chasing stars..

   I hope that in the future, we can contact more positive energy around us and let these positive energies make us better. Stars are not only a synonym for fashion, but also a synonym for spreading positive energy in our life..





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