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   a slab of stone road

   Zhou Zuoren

   Slate road in the south can be said to be a common thing, originally seems not worth mentioning, but lived in Beijing for a long time, now in addition to the section in front of Tiananmen square, never see stone road, so also feel a little rare. Although the south flagstone road is common, it is naturally the road of my hometown that I am most familiar with and most interested in, and it is also the road of that time 30 years ago, because it has been 30 years since I left my hometown. I am afraid the flagstone has become a rough road in the middle. Case "Baoqing Huiji Continuation Record" Volume 1 "Jiequ" Cloud:

   "The more the government, Yang tao for a long time not repair, Caught in the Rain mud a few knee-deep, exchanges of disease. Keep Wang Gang urgent life plan to buy stone, to repair build by laying bricks or stones, deepened to cure its Yan plug, neat its * (Qin) battery, in addition to coax the dirt of the stranger, the convenience of complex canals, road embankment, and even bridges, not add velvet, but yi such as whetstone, well jia sigh. "Ganlong" Shaoxing Fu Zhi "Volume 7 cited" Kangxi Zhi "cloud:

   "since the state dynasty qu road yi xiu Jie, from the city gate to the Committee lane, charmed all stone * (upper autumn and lower tile), so the sea has the world Shaoxing street rumours. However, the number of teeth is increasing, * (to the right of the servants in the outer door) * * (to the right of the servants in the outer door), * (to the expensive ones in the outer door), * (to the expensive ones in the outer door), * (to the frequent encroachment of the residents, to the extensive market, to the initial connection of the cornices, to the last ten feet, to the place where the goods are traded, with one person acting as a figurehead, the left and the right following, and the only people in the street allowed to. Every time the snow melts in Caught in the Rain, the sun cannot shine through the path of the first line, and it will remain muddy until the 5th or 6th, causing hardship to Monkey.. At the end of the winter, when the villagers were crossing paths, they came to the city to trade in various things, rubbing their toes on their shoulders, and when they slipped, they were trampled on both sides.. In the 60th year of Kangxi's reign, magistrate of district Yuqing ordered it to be opened, with stone arch's central pillar as the boundary, so that pedestrians could move about.. "ZhaZhiZai Wang Gang to song jiading 14 years right to know shaoxing government, to the qing emperor kangxi 60 years is five hundred years, the streets probably has been quite well organized, and two hundred years until the end of the qing dynasty or the same. We are used to it and feel very ordinary, but there is a rumor about Shaoxing street all over the world, which we only know now.. When I was a child listening to folk songs, there is a cloud:

   The cicadas chirped,

   The two ends of the stone slab are tilted,

   Lazy female guests feel sleepy..

   Cicada is the common name of cicadas. In summer, cicadas sing. The stone slabs on the road are as hot as boards drying in the sun, with their ends tilted up.. There is also a song about the maid's life. The master is everyone. Inside the door is a stone slab to the end.. From this, we can see how common this stone slab is in folk life and how it appears everywhere.. We also think of the Shuishidang of Qixingyan, commonly known as Donghu's Raomenshan, which is the remains of stone mining in the past, and is still being excavated near Raomenshan. The whole Shishan will be turned into flat ground, which is another proof.. Ordinary families usually walk on stone slabs from the gate. The houses are paved with bricks or called the earth flat with generous bricks. Naturally, poor families are only mud. Every road needs stone. Even in the small village of inside, there is a stone slab road, only two feet wide and only enough to walk.. As for the streets in the city, if they are all stones and are too smooth to walk for a long time, one layer will be cut off and it will be ready after rain. On the 2nd, Track spikes walked on it without fear of bumping, let alone wearing straw sandals.. The mix of markets is still the same. According to the journal, the occupation of shops is rare. There are only a large number of stalls outside the shops on both sides of the street. Generally speaking, from porch pavilion to Jiangqiao, there are almost continuous connections along the road, and the empty roads in the middle are limited. In the past, there were no horses and chariots in the middle of Vietnam, water boats and sedan chairs on the land. Therefore, if the old text is corrected, the clouds will only accommodate palanquin.. Of course, there are many tricks in these stalls. I don't know why I can't remember them clearly now. I don't know whether it is for the sake of old age or forgetfulness, or for the sake of greedy and covet. What I remember most is the fruit stalls, which are full of autumn Pak Lei and apples, and a pile of small ocean in one corner. Businessmen are shouting and selling with their mouths open.. This call is also well worth recording, but unfortunately it was forgotten. I only remember a little bit of carelessness.. Stone space-based "smile well" has a joke, the topic is tiger poem, its text reads: (责任编辑:admin)




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