Niang, guess who I am

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   Niang, guess who I am


   I was rejected as soon as I was born.. The family was not unable to support me, but my father thought it was shameful to have three maids in a row. However, my father still found a nanny to take care of me. As soon as I was weaned, I was sent to her home and paid 50 yuan a month..

   Her family name is Qin and she had smallpox in her early years. She has a pockmarked face.. Before I went, it was said that she had taken care of 17 children, ranging from a few days to several years.. She also had a son, Xiao Hai, who was 12 years old and ran around the hospital with me around her neck, who could not walk..

   I was ill that year and had a high fever.. She wrapped me in a blanket and went to my parents.. Because they haven't remembered to see me for a long time.. Coincidentally, my father was in a bad mood that day. He saw the pockmarked woman coming behind my back from a distance and rushed into the house, slamming the door shut..

   What I got was acute pneumonia. I paid 3000 yuan as deposit for hospitalization.. She carried me home that day, scolding me, finding out her bankbook and taking me straight to the hospital.. Later, Xiaohai told me that when she handed in such a thick stack of money to the payment window, she cried with grief..

   After my illness, something even more serious happened-my parents refused to recognize my daughter and even refused to provide the original 50 yuan for living expenses..

   She rushed to my biological parents' house and clenched her fist at the door.. But my great parents are capable of letting her do it without making a sound..

   She didn't throw me out the door in the 安信娱乐 end. She had planned to do so, but she could not help crying as soon as she put me down..

   Later she told me, look at me so thin, don't like deadly, she was afraid I froze to death outside also nobody reason.


   In the end, I was a fortune teller. Although I was often ill and hurt my forehead when walking well, I grew up happily in dangers lurking on all sides..

   He also attended school.. When I entered junior high school, Xiaohai went to work in a local steel factory.. She breathed sighs of relief and said to me, well, with your brother for you, I can be liberated!

   I am as happy as she is.. I know she works hard. She gets up before 5 o'clock in the morning every day to make cold noodles and grind cold noodles. Then she pushes the car out to sell and doesn't come back until midnight. Is it not hard? She is almost fifty years old..

   The two of us happily waited for Xiaohai to get back the first month's salary to pay my tuition.. But when the end of the month came, Xiaohai put her hand on the table and said, "I lost at cards.". Mom, you beat me up! "

   That beating was really tragic.! Xiao Hai's crying sounds like killing a pig..

   Later, the tuition was still paid, and she took out her pension money.. When she went to the bank to take out the money, I saw her crying with my own eyes. I don't know whether it was her own money or Xiaohai's failure.

   Xiao Hai finally couldn't stay in the steel mill, which was too boring, so one day he left a letter saying that he wanted to go out and make a career..

   She lay in bed without food or drink and cried for three days.. Cry small sea this bastard child ran away and disappeared, who cares for her in the future, who will give her old age.

   I said, "Don't worry, even if Xiaohai doesn't care about you, I'll take care of you.". "

   She cried and said, "I have a son, who wants you to take care of it?". "


   During the four years of college, I studied with gritted teeth. I not only worked hard, but also insisted on work-study programs. I never asked her for living expenses unless I had to..

   She still sends money on a monthly basis. I save a certain amount, add some and call back. She was surprised and called to ask, "If you don't learn well and earn some money outside, I'll fight with you.". "

   Every time I cry with anger.

   Then I graduated, found a job and made a boyfriend..

  His name is Dong Wei. He is from a city and his family is ordinary. Of course, he is better than me in the sky..

   After we got married and bought a house, she said she would come and have a look..

   Then, on the phone, inside hesitantly said the real purpose of the visit was not just to see me..

   Xiao Hai ran outside for many years. Instead of running his career, he injured others in an altercation.. The other party will sue him for injury, even if it is done privately, but will pay 100,000 yuan..

   She cried and swollen face at home, this just thought of me.

   I'm sorry.. I hate myself more than the disappointing little sea at the moment..

   I feel that I have seen her and once claimed that I am better than her own son, but when she is in trouble, I still can't do anything about it.. (责任编辑:admin)




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