substituted bride

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   Flowers bloom and fly all over the sky. Who has pity on the red and fragrant section . No Sad Songs for Me, I don't know if the flowers fall and the people die.. I think we are all familiar with the name Lin Daiyu. Only in my mind, the tender and cherished beauty impressed me the most is the bridge where she buried the flowers..

   Dai-yu saw the wind blowing the fallen flowers all over the ground. Her heart could not help feeling pity and burying the flowers.. Wrap it in a handkerchief, bury it in the soil, and dissipate with the soil.. This is a response to the saying that "falling red is not a heartless thing; it turns into spring mud to protect flowers.". I think, substituted bride buried just the fallen petal that cannot bear to be trampled by others? What was buried was her heart that was not defiled by others! Dai-yu is a sentimental woman who is sad when she sees flowers.. When the flowers are blooming, everyone looks at them with a love of beauty.. But now, when the flowers are gone, no one cares.. Dai-yu 安信娱乐注册 could not help feeling the resentment in her heart for the flowers and the sadness she could not wipe away.. Dai-yu thought of herself, Family Ruined, living under a sponsor.. With this fallen flower, I am a man of the end of the world.. Perhaps the fallen petal is one's future.. Dai Yu wanted to bury herself like a flower and not be defiled..

   Daiyu is sentimental, she is the most blooming flower on the branch.. Now she is cherished by some people, but once she falls, is it just like the red one?. Be trampled by others. Dai-yu is weak, she thought is buried himself, not defiled by the world or society. Because of her vulnerability, she did not get her love..

   Dai Yu's heart is made of glass and will break when touched.. But it is so crystal clear, without the world's intrigues, without the world's power and fame, without the world's greedy Desire. She is pure, too pure to want to hurt. I think, also only such a woman will go to bury flowers! (责任编辑:admin)




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