The taste of life

时间: 作者:程关

   I found a certain taste by chance, as if I had relived a certain period of time. The warmth hidden in my heart turned Methaqualone out.. Soft worries, with the fragrance of years brewing, quietly dispersed in streamer inside. Life is clear and shallow, with light taste..


   Some familiar taste, so easily conquered my taste. This is not my first time to eat fish in this reservoir, but I come to the same house every time. The most important reason is probably because of this familiar smell..

   I smiled and said to my sister, "How about it, are you familiar with it?"? What kind of taste? "

   Sister smiled and answered, "It may not be delicious, but it is definitely the taste of our childhood ."

   Knowing eyes, knowing smile, and low eyebrows, the same wet eyes inside, let us move so much.

   The taste, is the cup inside, this brown bitter taste. It is not a good tea, but it is very much like the local "earth tea" that I drank with my grandparents when I was a child..

   The familiar smell makes my tongue hover with thick Zui Xiang. The sweet and bitter taste makes my heart soft. The warm smell moistened my eyes.. The figures of grandparents quietly emerged, while the father's smile also appeared unconsciously..

   Grandpa, grandma, dad . call deeply in my heart. At that time, at that time, my heart was as pure as crystal.. That kind of taste, that kind of taste, happiness is like a brilliant flower.. Once, all colors were colorful, but now all colors are quiet..

   One cup, one cup, another cup . pushed away the fish soup, only holding this cup, silly smile .

   I would like to say that this fish soup, although delicious, is not as good as this tea, which is thick and mellow . The small courtyard in childhood, the old small table, the scenes, the time, the smiles, the kindness . Never again, but always exist .

   Remembered, the love dearly aches, the happiness sublimates in the moist, the light aftertaste, warm and quietly surges up. (责任编辑:admin)




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