Please don't pretend to be good to me. I am stupid and will(2)

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   Thirteen, who take who really seriously, who for whom love dearly.

   Fourteen, fall the first drop of tears for you, the story will always end at the end.. My sincere efforts are not the happiness you want.

   15. Everything in the world cannot be plain sailing. To adapt oneself to the circumstances is the best choice in life.. Meeting fate is a kind of enterprising, and it is also the behavior of wise men and the excuse of fools.. Following is not following, but letting nature take its course, not resenting, not impetuous, not excessive, not demanding; It is not casual, it is to seize the opportunity, not pessimistic, not flustered, not forgetful; With is a kind of philosophical and free and easy, is also a mature life and human practice.

   Sixteen, life is always very tired, you are not tired now, will be more tired in the future. When you say you are not good, I feel pain, I don't know how to comfort you with pain, when you say you are drunk, I feel pain, I can't control myself with pain, and my thoughts are confused.. My language is too pale, but my heart hurts because of every word you say.. Too many can't, don't wish, want to leave, leave this let me pain you. On the other hand, Love Exchange is too difficult .

   Seventeen, the time is passing quietly, the time is passing quickly; Time flies without limit, time will not repeat, and memory will always be yesterday..

   18. You always say that you can't see my loneliest time. I say, of course you can't, because when you can't see you, it is my loneliest time.

   19. Loneliness is not born, but begins from the moment you fall in love with someone..

   This seems to be a law: every time you make a decision to give up, try again, it is often the time for surprises to appear.. A Quiet Heart, is to understand the content. Life is only possible when the soul has a home.. Only when you learn to be alone with yourself can your mind be clean, mature and broad-minded.. Solitude is a kind of quiet beauty and also a kind of cultivation.. To be able to be contented when alone is to be indifferent when noisy.. (责任编辑:admin)




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