Please don't pretend to be good to me. I am stupid and will(3)

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   21, I can feel your heartache, you have helpless you can't say . but the more you act like you don't care, the worse I feel..

   Twenty-two, if one day in the future, you say you want to leave me, I won't leave you, I know you have your reasons.! If one day in the future, you say you still love me, I will tell you, in fact, I Am Still Waiting For You.!

   23. When I want to say something most, it is often the time when I am most silent..

   Twenty-four, the day you left, I decided not to cry, holding my eyes against the wind and not blinking..

   Twenty-five, please don't pretend to be good to me, I am very silly, will take it seriously.

   Twenty-six, with a simple view of life, you will lose a lot of inexplicable troubles; Measure your life with happy footprints, and your steps will be light and free. Face those who help you with gratitude, and you will find that there are many unselfishness and beauty in the world. Facing the people who hurt you with a tolerant heart, you will feel that they are not easy either.. In life, there are always many hurdles to cross, years, regrets to make up for, and confusion to comprehend..

   27. You must come to be my partner on the wedding day, because we promised to walk into the palace of marriage together.

   Twenty-eight, can't be friends after breaking up, because each other hurt.You can't be an enemy.. Because we loved each other deeply, we became the most familiar strangers..

   Twenty-nine, if one day, you walk into my heart, you will cry, because it is full of you! If one day, I walk into your heart, I will cry, because there is no me!

   Thirty, the first cry because you are not here, the first laugh because I met you, the first laugh and cry because I can't have you.!

   Thirty-one, like a person is not wrong, wrong is wrong in like a don't like yourself.

   Thirty-two, if you don't want me, please leave me, stay, just continue to make me sad. (责任编辑:admin)




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