Please don't pretend to be good to me. I am stupid and will(4)

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   33. Sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt.. Cruel people choose to hurt others. Good people choose to hurt themselves..

   I like to leave my mark on you, but I never remember that you never belonged to me..

   35. A person has only one heart but two atria.. One lives happily; One lives in sorrow. Don't laugh too loud, or you'll wake the neighbors.

   36. Love is sometimes as simple and simple as that. It is like a cup of plain boiled water beside us, within reach and thirsty, making people feel cool and comfortable..

   Thirty-seven, if you love, don't miss the chance easily. Reckless, may make you regret for a while; Cowardice may make you regret for the rest of your life..

   Thirty-eight, if not happy, if not happy, then let go; If you don't want to give up, if you can't let it go, then it will be painful.. Only now do I know that if I don't know a person, I can still love him. Only now can I understand that if I don't love someone, I can still miss him. Some people show up unexpectedly and surprise you unexpectedly. They thought that he was the God of your life and could satisfy Walking the Dead's thirst. In fact, they were wrong. Some people were destined to be passers-by in La Vie et rien d'autre and inside..

   39. Memories that belong to us are slowly fading. The summer with our names engraved on it is gradually blooming and tinting the pale sky.. (责任编辑:admin)




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