The realistic bone feeling is ideal and plump.

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   Reality is bony and ideal is plump..

   No future, no hope; With the future, hope also requires great efforts..

   Since geometry, we have been thinking about how to work hard and how to create a better tomorrow.. We are full of hope. In inside, the campus of the university, every one of us is extremely proud and joyful. We advocate and pursue the best life. As a result, we neglect the society, the people around us and even everything.. However, at this time, we still have a lot of friends talking about their ideals and how beautiful they will be after graduating from college..

   Some people are saying that after graduating from college, I must work hard and fight endlessly for my ideal. Some people say that when I graduate, I must become an engineer and build the most beautiful house in the world. Others said that when I graduate from university, I will definitely become a Marketing Guru with a brilliant life and break the record of the highest turnover in Guinness World Records..

   The reality has come, it calmly said to the ideal, you are very cute, it's a pity that you met me.

   What a bloody lesson and response, however, many of us gave up all our life's hard work immediately because of this sentence, and others sacrificed their precious lives for it..

   Indeed, setbacks came too suddenly and too cruelly. They brought people who were about to succeed back to the original point. At first, I still believed in ideals, but ideals are ideals after all, and ideals cannot be used as food.! Therefore, we secretly said to ourselves, we must work hard, for this reason, we will stand boldly on the starting line of life, constantly waiting for the reality to wash away, the reality also does not agree with defeat, it constantly warned people who are working hard, you don't waste your energy, you won't succeed, your ideal will only make you more degenerate, in this way, again and again how many people lost the battle, and how many people run faster because of this. (责任编辑:admin)




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