Close-fitting Feeling: Poor Women's Love

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   Women have poor love ability.

   The most precious thing about women is that they love talents..

   Women love talent, very directly. He is a man of literary grace, man of great talent.. It is unusual for him to put pen to paper.. His movie, develop your own distinctive style. The lyrics he wrote are delightful.. His music is heavenly. As long as a man has one of these talents, she can fall in love with him..

   The talent of a man dazzles women. Even if he looks like Einstein or Dalang Wu, women are still willing to love him and support him financially when he has no talent and lives in poverty.. There are many men with money, too few men with talent, and women all want to have one..

   The most compassionate place for women is to love talents..

   You should know that the so-called gifted scholars are actually gifted children with stubborn natures.. They are very difficult to teach, their moods are changeable, but their lives are low-energy.. A woman who falls in love with a gifted scholar has to make greater efforts than she falls in love with an ordinary person.. Genius children never die young, women are premature aging..

   Wits are becoming more and more popular, and women are deliberately calm.. Women have a misconception that a talented person is not talented enough if he is not practical, affectionate,安信3娱乐 crazy, changeable, flirtatious and boring enough.. Therefore, while women complain about him, they also appreciate him, because gifted scholars should not be normal people..

   However, women will finally wake up. She has never met a talented person before.. She offered him, but he kept falling in love with other women.. She was heartbroken and left sadly..

   It is life that grinds candles. To sharpen a candle is a woman's love for talent and life..





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