Do you see the tears I miss you

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   Do you see the tears I miss you

   In Haicheng, you miss you to tears again, and those who have experienced it will understand that the unspeakable pain is what I deserve! The light rain was falling, as if for a day, the dream suddenly broke and the night suddenly woke up.. And I am still sitting under the window of endless memories. The only thing that disturbs my memory is your decision, and I don't know how long it has been..

   Drops of bead-like liquid landed from the air. I don't know whether it was rain or tears, because tears are used to flowing, so I can't tell them apart, because the heart-wrenching and lung-splitting injury has surpassed everything, making my mind focus only on this pain.. Once the sea cry stone rotten oath, but also passing clouds, in the face of cruel reality I have to bow, have to admit defeat to reality, so I'm afraid others see me alive, I lower the head buried my helpless face.

   Raised his head, the rain wet my face, a desolate meteor blink across, maybe it is also in escape. In front of me, there were scenes of memories, and in my ears, I heard the words of the past, as if it were just what happened.. Tonight's sky seemed to be torn open by the meteor just now, leaving a lonely Waning moon to clean up the irresponsible ending.. The stars are hidden tonight, and like me, they shed tears in my heart.. Perhaps there will be signs of injury in your heart. My love is fear and injustice to you! It's a pity that Aag Ka Gola's result is not anyone's fault.. But you don't know, I was black and blue, already won't love.

   Turn on your mobile phone, let go of the music, and recall the song "miss you 0.01 second", which is the most suitable for me today.. Maybe it only takes you an hour to forget me, but I can only use my whole life to forget 安信3娱乐 it.. Every time I write down a lot of words, but I don't know what kind of thoughts are in your heart when you see them, will you laugh at them??

   Tonight, I just want to go to the end of time and look for those beautiful memories lost in the past. I want to be myself once upon a time. At this time, I can do nothing but sit under the window and stare at the traffic in the city. Suddenly, I find myself becoming more and more silent recently. It seems that even the air around me is beginning to suppress myself. Is it because after the prosperity, there is a lot of loneliness in each of them?? (责任编辑:admin)




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