When prosperity is lost, it will always be like the first si

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   A dream long pavilion several review, half a life scattered several discrete?

   How many flowers bloom and how many pots are there in Nigori??

   A stream of The Evening Glow several people leave, half a tree flowers fall a few branches?

   Flowers remain, people are lonely..

   In the following year in Long song, Fermentation starter, a book will warm the rest of my life.

   The string rhyme is full, and the moon is full..

   In this world, there are so many things to be done that I thank you with deep feelings.?

   Spoony poison, has been very deep, dream inside SiJun several times?

   Half a cup of infatuation wins the snow, and the king I Chang 'an, all negative.

   _ _ inscriptions

   Often, I get drunk in one song, and my heart winds and flows in soothing music, one after another.. The feeling of the bottom of my heart is tinged with the soft reading and writing, and my heart is pasted with half-empty sentiment words. I am writing the fragrance of my first encounter.. The warm time has graceful demeanour. I lean on the case and brush and ink are scattered everywhere. let me pour the most beautiful emotion into my pen and keep it in memory..

   Once, tired to see prosperity, lazy to manage the world. I just want to put aside my love and love for books. I never thought that you, to have a fleeting glimpse, ripple my Boundless love.. What kind of meeting shocked my Chinese year, what kind of love woke up my dried-up red makeup? Steal Heart is also an old man. If one has feelings and love for the future, Moments De La Vie D'une Femme will cherish this love..

   Tears wet shirt twist pen, red paper shop plain heart, All Men Are Mortal, Butterflies In Love With Flowers, gather and scatter dependent. Summer lotus withers only in Caetuna. Who is lonely when sand flies between his fingers? Who has dreamed of Iraq for a thousand years, and who depends on Iraq in the morning and evening.? With whom does this pool of affection melt? With a touch of green, with jun Qing Xi, drunk with time. According to the fireworks, the words were planted between the brows. The eyes were still and calm. Looking at brilliant purples and reds, listening to cicadas chirping on a quiet night, my heart was at ease.. In fact, the most real emotion is to grow with the nature, to be quiet in a cup of tea, to be charming in a beautiful scenery of inside, to know how to indulge one's eyes, to let all kinds of floating clouds bloom and fade away according to one's mind, to let one's heart indulge in half a volume of poetic fragrance, graceful thoughts, elegant days and flowery time.. (责任编辑:admin)




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