Losing love in summer

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   This summer, even God will accompany you to cry when you are lovelorn..

   Qi sat on the bed and looked at Song Yan's parting message with a glassy stare. He did not cry or reply.. She thought, oneself must be silly, brain inside blank.

   The short message was only one: "We are not suitable. Break up.". "

   inappropriate? During their four years from senior high school to junior high school, all of them were inappropriate. shouldn't they be appropriate??

   Listening to the rain outside the window, I remembered Song Yan from high school.. At that time, he was a clean boy who liked to wear shirts. He was very sunny and liked to play basketball..

   After several confessions to him, one day he gave feng his cell phone number and said, "call me if you need anything.". "So in that slightly hot evening, a big hand holding a small hand walked through many places.

   I don't want to think about it any more, I think too 安信娱乐 much is hurt.. So after taking a sleeping pill, I finally fell asleep in this tossing and turning night..

   There are almost two week, best did not contact Song Yu, no phone, no text messages, everything is quiet.

   He began to sleep all day in the dormitory, dreaming one dream after another.. Dream inside only had her and him: sometimes she took his hand on her own initiative, sometimes he turned and hugged her.. Every time she woke up, she would eagerly turn on her cell phone, still without any text messages from Song Yan.. She laughed at herself: after all this time, is she still expecting him to change his mind??

   In the middle of the night, Roux couldn't sleep any more. For the first time, she faced up to her inner pain. When she remembered them together, she remembered that he always called her a fool. She remembered that he said she was a "smallpox" peasant woman. She remembered his meticulous care and attention . She saw the red ribbon flying in the window. They agreed to tie the ribbon on the window. The ribbon was there, and love was there.. But the window of Song Yan's bedroom has long since lost this L'ombre rouge. (责任编辑:admin)




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