Romantic Personalized signature Expressing His Love to His G

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   Romantic Personalized signature Expressing His Love to His Girlfriend

   one. The most romantic thing is to be with you, the warmest heart is to be with you, the most I want to see is your smiling face, and the most unforgettable thing is your face.. Me Without You is like a lost airline, please let me and you To be With You Forever in this life..

   2. A gust of autumn wind, enough to make people miss. A fallen leaf is enough to make people miss it.. An old photo is enough to make people nostalgic.. A promise is enough to make people love.. You are my favorite, Love You 10000 Years.

   3. I want to turn into the wind when you were born and stroke your smile without impurities. I want to spend a person's night with you in every round of months you have seen.. You are a lasting fragrance that blooms in my world..

   4. I love your eyes most, because they are sparkling, because I love your mood most, because I am happy, because I love your body most, because I am healthy, because I love your singing most, because I love you most, because I am beautiful and beautiful..

   5. I want to turn into a spring breeze and blow away your long-dormant heart. I want to turn into a wisp of clear water to wash away your long-standing tiredness. I want to turn into a text 安信娱乐注册 message to tell you how much I love you.

   6. Through the sweet imprint of years, my heart has deeply remembered you. Open the container closed by years. Collect happy breath of life; I will never cry with you if I go along happily hand in hand.!

   7. I want to use text messages to protect you, tell you to pay attention to your body, will not make you lonely, blessing moment to follow you, make you happy, let you feel distance is not far away. When you are happy, I am also happy. I am happy with you..

   8. There are always some people who come safely and quietly waiting for them and will not leave. Some people, strong as wine and crazy as drunk, wake up and find nowhere. Countless encounters, countless separations, may you find true love between coming and going. (责任编辑:admin)




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