Be a walker (800 words)

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   "Be a Walker"

   "The book comes from the end feel shallow, absolutely know this matter to practice. "This sentence ancient rules is widely praised by the world. It tells us to be a walker and turn ideals into actions. Be a walker and turn illusion into reality. Be a walker and realize your ideal with actions.. If you want to succeed, you must be a walker first..

   Almost everyone in the world had an ideal, but only a few people realized it. The rest of the people gradually abandoned it under the so-called rational understanding and failed again and again. Finally, they had to live with Exhalation all their lives.. Why-they forgot to be walkers.

   Looking at the great men in the world, you will be surprised to find that they are all walkers.. Madame Curie is a world-renowned scientist. She 安信娱乐注册 is willing to dedicate herself to her ideal.. After receiving the Nobel Prize, she did not hesitate to give a child as a toy and finally died for her beloved career.. She has made great contributions to the world with her own actions..

   Xuan Zang Zhi Lu is a well-known Buddhist master. He experienced hardships all the way from Xi 'an. Like eighty-one difficulties in Journey to the West, Xuan Zang reached his ideal paradise Tianzhu.. He translated many Buddhist scriptures and wrote precious historical documents and brought them back to China. His efforts have had a positive impact on the development of Buddhism and historical textual research in later generations..

   If we don't have the spirit of walker, we will get nothing.. In ancient times, the farmer who hoped to enjoy his prosperity by the stump and waited for the rabbit to hit the tree was laughed at by the whole world. He revealed from the opposite side that to succeed, one must first be a walker..

   As a student, we are also being a walker..

   You listen to, "Brush . Brush .", the only sound in inside classroom is the friction between students' nibs and examination papers. You see, in the early morning on the playground, the students galloped. You see, during the class, the students were all intently and intently focused.. Yes, this is the scene where the third-year students struggle for their ideals.. Entering the third grade, the classroom discipline is better, the frolic is less, and the devout inquiry is more. Because everyone realizes that at this turning point in life, we must be a walker.. Only by being a walker can I irrigate my ideal seeds into gorgeous flowers with my sweat, and we won't regret it in the future.. (责任编辑:admin)




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