How to Make Office Forms

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   Various office forms used by administrative, personnel, financial and other departments. The following office forms are compiled and provided for you by the Learning Lab. Please read and learn from them..

   Create table:

   There are three ways to create tables: menu, toolbar button and free tabulation.. Note that the table is created at the position where the document close table is located. Let's do the form creation exercise one by one:

   (1) using the menu to create a form to open the "form" menu, point to "form", select "insert" item; Make the necessary settings selection in the dialog box (it is recommended that the row and column settings are moderate), and then press "OK". Observe the generated form.

   (2) directly click on the "insert table" button on the toolbar, use the mouse to select the appropriate rows and columns in the table box, and then click the left mouse button; Observe the established form.

   (3) click on the "table and border" on the toolbar, or 安信3娱乐 right-click the mouse on the toolbar, select "table and border" in the tool menu, open the "table and border" toolbar; After selecting the appropriate line on this toolbar, click the paintbrush button on the leftmost side of the toolbar, and the logo of the mouse will be converted into the paintbrush form. at this time, you can draw the form freely in the document (this article comes from the American reading website).

   The drawing method is: press and hold the left mouse button to move the mouse, and then release the mouse to obtain a rectangular frame or a straight line. Line thickness can be selected, and "borderless" line format can also be selected (drawn lines are gray and colorless when printed). The wrong lines can be erased by the "erase" button..

   These are the different highlights brought to us by the American reading website.. If you want to know more wonderful friends, you can continue to pay attention to the American reading website, and we will offer you the most complete and freshest content.! is wonderful because of you.. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us.. (责任编辑:admin)




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