Krylov's Fable: Old Wolf and Little Wolf

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   Krylov's Fable: Old Wolf and Little Wolf

   The old wolf sent the little wolf out of the hole to take a walk by the forest and to take a tour.. Let's see if we have any luck to have lunch. We have to ask for a good price. The shepherd will be the host.. Wolves should learn to make a living from their fathers..

   The wolf ran back and said, "come on, follow me. my information is accurate and lunch is ready.". There is a big sheep at the foot of the mountain.. Each sheep is fatter than the other, and it is very satisfying to drag one to eat casually.. 安信娱乐 "

   The wolf said, "wait a minute, I want to find out what kind of shepherd he is.". "

   "Heard that the shepherd is good and very fine, I have checked the herd from four week, the hounds are very poor, thin, don't look so fierce. "

   Lao lang shook his head and said, "if you say so, you will not succeed.". If we don't make it, we'll lose our lives. The shepherds are smart, and the hounds are poor.? Let's go.! I will lead you to find another place, and our safety will be greatly guaranteed.. The shepherds there are really very confused, the shepherds are confused, and it is useless to have more hounds.. "





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