The agreement of summer does not talk about young love.

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   In inside this summer, I and you will leave the campus to start your life in fresh graduate.. After careful consideration, I want to make a summer agreement with you: not to talk about young love.. We should grow up, treat our feelings more maturely and be responsible for each other..

   Graduation is often a turning point in a relationship. Some people break up because they want to graduate, while others are reluctant to part because they want to graduate.. I am glad that I belong to the latter with you.. Graduation has not become our emotional killer, but has strengthened our feelings..

   For campus couples who can still be together after graduation, some people will look at them with the attitude of watching a good show. It seems that even if they did not break up when they first graduated, they will still break up soon.. At first, I turned a deaf ear to this kind of people who hide themselves from others, because I believe that we will definitely let their expectations fall through and continue to be sweet and happy..

   Confident, I began to doubt our 安信3娱乐 feelings less than a month after graduation.. In two weeks, you and I have been running around major talent markets together, delivering dozens of resumes together and receiving more than a dozen requests for notification.. At the beginning, we also encouraged each other, cared for and cared for each other.. However, when I first found a job and your job was not yet available, you often ignored me. No matter what I said or did, you would pick on me like an egg and inside, which made me go to work with depression everyday. My colleagues did not dare to come near me.. Under such circumstances, I have to wonder: Are we still suitable for being together?? Despite such doubts in my heart, I still try my best to maintain our feelings and hope that there will be a change..

   Fortunately, the connecting flight finally arrived after a week.. You have found a job that you like, and your salary is twice as much as mine.. When I saw you excitedly telling me that you could work in a large enterprise, I suddenly felt that we were both very childish.. You have your chauvinism, and don't like to see your girlfriend find a job before you do. I am too stupid to see the reason why you are uncomfortable, and I am simply sulking.. Just like two high school students fall in love, boys hide that girls have better grades than themselves, girls don't know what boys care about, and then start meaningless quarrels and cold war, until boys' grades are higher than girls' grades, then the two of them will be fine after rain.. (责任编辑:admin)




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