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   At present, there is a phenomenon of vanity in literature and art.

   Starting from the new expectations of the party and the people for literature and art, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at the forum on literature and art that there are some drawbacks in the current literature and art field: there is a lack of quantity and quality, a lack of "plateau" and a lack of "peak", there are problems of plagiarism, sameness, mechanized production and fast food consumption.. "Vulgarity is not vulgarity, Desire does not represent hope, and mere sensory entertainment is not equal to spiritual happiness.". Literature and art cannot be "rootless duckweed, moaning without disease, dying pulse's body".

   General secretary Xi Jinping's revelation of the current situation of Chinese literature and art reminds us of Mao Zedong's designation of the situation of Chinese literature and art in his late years in 1975: "there are too few model operas, and they are criticized for making a slight mistake.". There are no flowers in bloom.. It is not good for others not to give advice.. Afraid of writing articles, afraid of writing plays.. No novels, no poetry. "

   What is of dramatic comparative significance is that the situation revealed by Mao Zedong is actually due to the existence of a wrong "left" literary and artistic policy, which binds literature and art to politics, causing literary and artistic creation to stagnate and flowers to wither. thus Mao Zedong proposed that "the party's literary and artistic policy must be adjusted.".

   What Comrade Xi Jinping reveals here is another situation. The "Left" literary and artistic policy has long since ceased to exist and the literary and artistic freedom of artists has been greatly exerted. However, in reality, there is a flashy and vain state in the field of Chinese literature and art: the freedom of creation is actually abused. From movies and television, pop music, performances, variety shows, best-selling novels and trendy art exhibitions, plus celebrity gossip and art examination crazes, it looks vigorous and extraordinary.. But to be fair, after the warm, flashy faded out, in addition to money, in addition to quantity, and how many works can adapt to this extraordinary era and great nation exist? (责任编辑:admin)




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