There is no crack in time, but there are marks in time.

时间: 作者:号种

   When there is nothing to do, I go to the reservoir to enjoy it.. Summer is full of meaning, cultivate one's heart and admire the sun.. Don't have a taste.

   The trail extends from the end of the years into the autumn waters and lifts into the coolness of a glance. I cannot help sighing with regret at that sentence: The setting sun is infinitely good, but near dusk.. Not only to the beautiful scenery in front of us, but also to people and things, or everything.. Under the silhouette, the leaves snuggle up with the sunshine, and gather in a plane at the instant of the camera's scratch. across time and space, they are so far apart that they are actually together. what is the gap of time that cannot be broken through?? The answer is no. If there is a heart, across the distant Milky Way, but can be together! At least in one plane, they will meet and may even know each other.

   Let's go and sit down on the warm and cool marble baluster. The sunlight melted color and heat from the Milky Way, making the clouds blush. The big gray cloud looked like a violent rabbit, with its teeth open and a ribbon tied around the blushing sunset. It scattered crimson in the sky, shocking and stinging my eyes.. Wind girl lovingly quickly and gently stroked my cheek, gently heal for me.

   Paipaiwo's shoulder, a long-separated friend, got a fright.. Not long ago, I talked about my present and the future like I did when I was young.. People and hearts are still waiting in the same place through time and place.. Later on, the long-sealed memories came down on my face like a rolling river, choking me. I was left alone, feeling sad and uncertain. My fate was blurred. When the past was looked back, it was always too late to brush up. The rest was only consolation and sorrow..

   He accompanied me through that piece of Yang Liuan and bamboo forest. The years when the willow was folded and the bamboo was inserted were already the youth's past.. Over that row of osmanthus trees, I can imagine the fragrance overflowing in those years, soaked in the laughter like copper bell, where are those laughing?? Unfortunately, the last thing I can't go back to is once. (责任编辑:admin)




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