Qifeng Green Trees Around the Ancient Temple-Mount Song Scen

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   Qifeng Green Trees Around Ancient Temple-Scenery of Mount Song

   Shun Qi

   Eight miles north of the city from Dengfeng County in Henan Province, rolling and verdant mountains are in front 恒行注册官网 of us. This is one of China's famous five mountains, Mount Song.. Songshan Mountain is the general name of Taishi and Shaoshi. The two mountains face each other and are separated by about ten inside in the middle.. There are many scenic spots and historic sites on the mountain, including 72 peaks and 72 temples, which have been sung by elegant scholars since ancient times..

   Long live Chongfu Palace under the Peak

   Chongfu Palace, under the Long Live Peak at the southern foot of Mount Song, built Long Live Pavilion on the peak and Long Live View under the peak when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was in power.. When I arrived in Emperor Renzong of Song, I started building more than one house as a palace.. It also has three pavilions: chess, Qiang pu and pan Shang. Since then, scholars of all ages have come here to write and write many books.. Sima Guang wrote Zizhi Tongjian here, Cheng Hao wrote Genarel Benevolence and Nature here, and Cheng Yi wrote Yi Zhuan and Chun Qiu Zhuan here.

   After Chongfu Palace, there is also the remains of the curved stone border of the Pan Shang Pavilion. The pavilion base is built of large pieces of bluestone, with a length of more than 4 meters from north to south and a width of more than 3 meters from east to west. It is carved with the curved stone border (waterway) to bring the spring water from Taiyi into the pavilion. If the "waterspout" swims, the ancients once placed the glass on the water and let it drift. It is called "Drink water from a winding canal with one wine cup floating on it so as to wash away ominousness". Now, around the ruins of Pan Shang Pavilion are flat paddy fields.. As for the two pavilions of yiqi and Qiang pu, they have disappeared as time passes by..

   The two Ming buildings behind the palace, the three yuan temple and the jade emperor temple, are very special. the whole building is made of brick and stone instead of a single piece of wood, hence the name of "Liang-free temple". At present, Chongfu Palace inside is a primary school. The sound of reading is endless. There is also a hospital and a pond nearby.. The pond is surrounded by blue stones, flat as a mirror, clear to the bottom, with fish and shrimps swimming in the water.. This pond can store flood water when it rains and irrigate the land when it is dry. Farmers have reclaimed new terraces in water diversion irrigation.. (责任编辑:admin)




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