Plant love in your heart

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   Looking up, confused scenery has become a place not to be looked at Full stop.

   Time, you walk slowly, I only desire to have a pair of Angel wings, can fly to where you are.

   Love is deeply buried, joy is left in memory of inside, thoughts are strung into a parallel line, and love is always swaying in the heart of Nautical mile Full stop Full stop Full stop Full stop Full stop.

   Perhaps, some love has nothing to do with happiness, perhaps, the ultimate happiness of this life has nothing to do with the person in the heart..

   So, I learned to hide deeply, to hide you deeply in the place where no one touches, so that you can live in your heart forever.. Our story, written outside of thousands of inside, is carefully walking in my life, inside. Those who can't see you in the distance, those who can't hear your voice in the distance, the fog is deep and thick, and they can't move away. Because they meet in your world, they are doomed to lose their positions.. This is not a simple friendship, it is a feeling of happiness, supported by faith, you have camped in my heart.!

   Because of love, so willing to. There is no hope, as long as you are happy.

   Don't see your sad eyes, this time, I just want to be brave once and be myself once, just to love you. Miss, is inexplicable pain, this is willing to tie down, is carrying spring to Qiu Lai's most real dialogue, not for the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, only for the soul to accompany. Bitter only bitter, a lonely night, you still faint fade in my heart, fade out, take away, wipe away, lingering. Who smeared your shadow so that I can't see it clearly, only in my heart is soft, this is sad lingering, some pain.

   In July, I heard that it is the season of thinking, beautiful and sentimental, or sparse or dense, because I am used to your caring and attentive, used to imagine being lazy in your arms, and the love you give is a wordless confession.. The heart has moved, the mind has formed, the clouds have cut off the rosy clouds and the sky are linked together. How many days and nights have your shadow whirled back and forth in front of you just because of a silly smile?. During the day, I don't know the darkness of night, and the graceful and restrained in the south of the Yangtze River, I don't know the sandstorm in the northern part of the country. How can Little Bridge appreciate the desolation of solitary smoke in the desert?? At the end of the day, only for "willing", willing to gamble for that person, for that person Opposite Sex. (责任编辑:admin)




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