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   Men's first impression is dirty.! Of course, there are some men who are clean and tidy, and even those who are well dressed, but generally speaking, men consume less soap and water.. In a boys' school, students are forced to take a bath. They sign their names in the bath and count stone every week. The initial punishment for not taking a bath is to announce their names. The final decisive treatment is to force them to take a bath on a regular basis and send personnel to monitor them. However, after playing with students for a long time, there is still no risk in the autograph book.. Some men, suit pants, though straight, have fertile soil behind their ears and neck roots, and are often suitable for growing wheat.! Socks and handkerchiefs do not know how to wash at any time. They often accumulate over a long period of time and go everywhere in Cézan. When there is no use for them, they will choose a cleaner one from that pile of dirty stock to go to emergency.. Some men's handkerchiefs are hard to take out like 100-fruit cakes made of dusty flour. They are black and sticky and rich in content.. Most of the men's feet seem to have the natural taste of kimchi, Molded dried vegetable and sweetened garlic. The so-called "foot washing and ten thousand miles flowing" is reasonable. A small basin of water does not help. However, how many men are stingy with this basin of water and do not use it for fear of hurting their vitality.. Since the feet are so dirty, it happened that some "stinking husbands" like to dig back and forth around the Shelter evil people and countenance evil practices on their feet, then sniff their fingers and take pleasure in it.! How many men wash their faces is designed to wash the headquarters, frontier all ignore, after washing a face, the back of the hand can not wet, some men began to brush their teeth after marriage. It is a man who "asks for the examination of milks and talks about them". There are even more than Ci Zhe, who once scratched his back in public, only to fall a mouse from the cuff.! Apart from the irretrievable dirty looks, men's dirty looks are probably due to laziness.. (责任编辑:admin)




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