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  [Chapter One]

   After reading "Watched" written by Lung Ying-tai, I have some thoughts. I think that except the first "Watched" and the last "Soul Return" have something to do with "Watched", the rest are very messy and almost have nothing to do with "Watched". Therefore, I cannot generalize the general contents either..

   What impressed me most was the first article. He said that Lung Ying-tai watched her child, Hua 'an Primary School, go to college, and then the author's father was hospitalized and cremated.. "I slowly, slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child match only means that your fate with him is to see his back gradually drifting away for the rest of my life.. You stand at this end of the path and watch him disappear gradually at the turning point of the path. moreover, he silently tells you with his back: don't chase after him. "This poignant and touching passage said: when young children grow up to be adults, they let her worry, let her lose, and let her know how to let go.. With the death of her father, when the crematorium last saw him-his father, it was revealed that her fate with him had ended..

   It turns out that Lung Ying-tai's "loneliness" is related to his son and father.. The son gradually grew up and became farther and farther away from me. The airport Lung Ying-tai watched the back of his son move forward inch by inch until it disappeared.. My son didn't want to look back at me and felt very lost.. On the day when he was a professor at Lung Ying-tai University, his father drove "me", but instead of taking "me" to the university gate, he stopped at the side entrance lane because he thought that this cheap pickup truck was not a car for university professors.. My father is ill in hospital. I visit my father every week.. On one occasion, Lung Ying-tai helped his father clean up the excrement, and as a result, his skirt was stained with excrement.. My father's love for me and my apologies to my father both told me not to chase after me.. (责任编辑:admin)




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