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   Open the book, the first essay is "watched", the article by writing to send Hua' an to the airport reflects the phenomenon of today's children reject their parents. "I have been waiting, waiting for him to disappear before looking back at a glance. But he didn't, not once. "Read here, my mind inside emerge one after another and parents say goodbye to the picture. At that time, was it the same for me?? Perhaps, at that time, they were quietly crying in their hearts.. "you stand at this end of the path and watch them disappear gradually at the turning point of the path. moreover, he told you silently with his back: don't chase after them. "This a few short words, reveal the author's heart faint sorrow at that time. Parents have worked hard to train us, spending most of their lives on us. The uncontrollable feelings when saying goodbye are rejected and ignored by us.. What they want is not money, not power, not even wealth. They hope to get a hug, eager to hear us say a few words of warm words, but also want to get 恒行注册官网 a look back and smile when saying goodbye.. These things that cannot be bought with money are often the most valuable.. When we grow up, farewell may mean not seeing each other for a year or two, not a day or two.. It may be exaggerated for parents to say goodbye, but we must accept it because they are the parents who have worked so hard to raise us up..

   I remember the time when I went to Sanya with my classmates. When I got to the airport and met my classmates, I said good-bye to my parents. After listening to a few words of my mother's instructions, I immediately started playing.. It is as if the prisoners in inside were released after ten years of imprisonment.. "I slowly, slowly learned that the so-called parents and children a, just means that you and his fate is this life constantly watching his back away. "We were impatient when saying goodbye to our parents. They could only weep silently in their hearts.All we left them was their back.. When saying good-bye, parents' deep-seated sadness can only be relieved by watching our back.. (责任编辑:admin)




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