Roach valley

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   The white building is like a giant aircraft carrier, which holds the decision-making organ of an economic department.. Thousands of employees were busy going to and from work, and their offices were stuffed up with documents like stomachs full of food and drink..

   One day it was office time, suddenly the door opened and several people in white coats came in, wearing large masks in hot summer, making others feel infected immediately..

   The man in white pulled all kinds of official documents without scruple, as if picking up the last vegetable leaf in the free market..

   "what are you doing this is? Although I know you are from the infirmary, I have to tell you if you are? "Should be not willing to parker. He has a master's degree in economics. He has not been assigned to the government for a long time and still has his edge..

   "It's okay. It's okay. They are all of their own. Doctors must do everything for everyone's good.. We know. "Director camel back said. He has a very serious heart disease and often goes to the infirmary to ask for quick-acting heart-saving pills. He talks with the smell of medicine..

   In the big organization inside, the director is also a senior staff member.. Seeing that he was about to retire and had no hope of promotion, he was also content and happy, and everyone regarded him as "in the seat.".

   "oh! I'm sorry.. We were also confused by the drugs, thinking that the whole building knew all about it noisily.. I didn't expect you to concentrate on your work here, but it's really a mountain of wind and rain.. Well, we really have to explain to Ying Shuo that this is a bait for cockroaches. Needless to say, we all know the harm of cockroaches . "The doctor waved inside's fragrant oil and gas plate, and the yellow particles almost aroused people's Appetite.

   Doctors baited inside in a corner and filing cabinet and went to other rooms..

   Xiao Gong, who had been silent for a long time, came along and painstakingly picked up all the bait one by one along the route laid out by the doctors, like clearing mine. He rolled it gracefully in the newspaper inside, wrapping it in a square and square skin like a kilo of fried noodles.. (责任编辑:admin)




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