Friend Birthday wishes: Happy Birthday to Good Buddies

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   Yesterday's storm has gone away.. Today's you and I will continue. Forget all the crying, tomorrow you Still Beautiful. Happy birthday! Have fun!

   Although it is so rare to send letters back and forth, and the meeting time is so short, our friendship ties us closely.. Happy birthday!

   I wish you a happy birthday and keep your mouth shut every day.! There are light poems in the long clouds, light poems inside has continuous joy, continuous joy inside has my gentle blessing, happy birthday!

   Dawn Appears at First; Xing Fu Zai Ni Shen Bian/Happiness Always Follows You Sunny Sun Shines High; Smile in Your Heart. Friends who care about you sincerely wish you a happy birthday forever on this day.

   Year after year, sincere wishes are delivered to you, wishing you happiness and happiness.! Happy birthday!

   Close your heart door, show your humorous words and be frank. You are a trickle that moistens our hearts . happy birthday .

   I hope I am the first friend to say "Happy Birthday" to you. I wish you happiness and success this year.!

   We have known each other for a long time.! Unforgettable is your pure friendship with me! Valuable is the true feelings that will never change.! Glad to know you! Give my favorite red rose to wish your birthday..

   Although we didn't celebrate 澳利国际 each other's birthday, we are still friends wishing you a happy birthday no matter what will happen in the future. We wish each other a better tomorrow..

   Drink water behind the toilet, press your legs on the train tracks, and wrap sheets to carry ghosts.! Ha ha, I wish you a happy holiday.!

   On your birthday, please let me say to you two: pig! Happy Birthday to You "and Pack a" Better Wish "! Good mood every day.! "

   I wish you a good meal. Singing beauty accompanies; The daily income is not enough. Dare to live longer than tortoise. Happy birthday!

   Infect your partners!? This is another starting point of the journey of life. I hope you can keep on running and will be greeted by a beautiful future full of infinite charm.! Happy birthday!





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