Yangzi River Love Song White Sail

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   Yangzi River Love Song

   Fan Bai

   Green grass, willows, bright sunshine, golden waves stretching his arms, gently patting the white sand beach, passionately kissing my bare feet, my eyes moist, my heart drunk, I trembling prostrate beside you, ah, Yangtze River, my dear, I miss you all the time, I finally saw you again today, . In Dream inside.

   No matter where I go, you are my most think fondly of place.. No matter how many colorful scenes I have seen, how many twists and turns I have experienced, and how rich and prosperous I am, I cannot help loving you.. Leaving you, my heart became so empty and helpless. I love you so deeply, my heart is by your side, no matter where I float or roam, I will always love you, dear.

   The days and nights around you are so hard to forget. Every evening, my brother and I finished our dinner in a panic and rushed to your side, singing, jumping and shouting at the top of our voices. What a naughty thing it was. You always smiled innocently and embraced us with the red clouds all over the sky. You generously opened your mind and lifted up the waves. cleanse breathed into our hearts the filth of our bodies and let the cool and refreshing waves seep into our hearts.. Sometimes, we throw our shoes far away, barefoot, catching and running on the beach, somersaulting. my brother is naughty and often scatters the sand all over my head. you always help me. suddenly, he falls down and makes my tearful face smile.

   The days and nights around you are so hard to forget. Every spring, we COMe to your side to fly kites. The wind is inspired by your magnanimity and magnanimity. It whistles and whistles, sending kites to the sky again and again.. Sometimes, the wind is too strong and breaks the kite string. I stomp my feet in a hurry, tearfully watching the kite drifting farther and farther away and sighing assiduously.. You are always soothing me in a low voice, urging me not to be discouraged and to start a new attempt..

   The days and nights around you are so hard to forget. On those summer nights in 1966, our brother and sister were thrown out of the house. Escape to Nowhere, it was you, who accepted us without hesitation and let us perch beside you. In order to let us forget the humiliation and trauma of our hearts, you pernoctation sang a lullaby and soothed the sobs in our dreams..

   The days and nights around you are so hard to forget. One autumn night, several classmates and I stood by your side, arguing vehemently about important issues such as society, life, ideals, etc.. At that time, none of us could convince anyone. How opinionated and extreme we were. Sometimes, we suddenly come up with an earth-shattering grandiloquence, and fly out a few magical lines of sudden inspiration. You 澳利国际 always sing songs in a loud voice and resonate and praise tirelessly. How happy and touched we are. We seem to really feel that heaven and earth are with us.. How many dreams, how many dreams, how many desires do we have?. How we envy those gulls that spread their wings and fly, and how we hope that we can set sail and embark on a long journey like those sailing boats..

   Now, I have really gone far, so far away that neither Jiang ou nor those ships sailing on the river will ever get here.. However, my heart feels that you are very close, because I often think of returning to you hundreds of times in my dreams and dreams. I pour out my unutterable heart songs and secrets to you. You still give me comfort and courage as before, encouraging me not to be afraid of high winds and waves..

   Perhaps, some people will say, compared with the sea, you are only a drop in the ocean, far less colorful and less rich. Even some people often laugh at you, saying that you are empty, gloomy, poor and have nothing.. But this is wrong. They don't know you, much less you. They laugh at you, which only shows that their shallowness and ignorance do not harm you at all..

   You are unpretentious, Silent. For thousands of years, you have moistened dry fields and nurtured thousands of hungry children. You are free and unswervingly on your own way, and you have never lost your way because of worldly prejudices and people's gossip. Your vitality is incomparably tenacious. No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are on the road, you will never be able to turn back. You will flow day and night and never feel depressed or sad. You are broad-minded, magnanimous, generous in accepting human shortcomings and faults, and comforting Qian Qian's ten thousand depressed and lonely souls. You are gentle and affectionate. You are the the intelligent part of the universe of heaven and earth. You shine brightly all the time. You are always full of endless charm..

   You are the giant of the universe and the great husband of men. I love you, my dear, until eternity passes away. I love you, my dear, as long as the flow of life does not abandon me..

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