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   In my junior year, in addition to learning this specialized course well, I spent my spare time reading various books and organizing various community activities. I frequently appeared in the library and on the activity site.. In the reading room of inside, I saw many newspapers and magazines that I have never read before. I thought I was a talented person to learn my major well, but now I think it's ridiculous.. The more I study, the more I find that I know too little. In the process of organizing large-scale activities, I feel that my working ability and practical ability are greatly lacking.. In the limited time remaining in my college life in inside, I will make good use of it, make good use of the library and social practice, learn more knowledge and exercise myself, so as to reserve some spiritual food for myself and continuously develop my vision and management ability.. In the end, my efforts paid off: I was successively rated as "advanced individual" and "outstanding student cadre" by schools and colleges. My paper was published in the provincial core journals, the first one to publish a paper in junior year since the establishment of the department, and the second one in "Inner Mongolia Sports Science and Technology" in senior year. I am very gratified.! In addition, there are winter and summer vacations every weekend, and I also take time to take part in some social practices, such as tutoring and promotion.. In this process, I found my own shortcomings and also felt the changes as I matured day by day..

   I felt the deepest and exercised the most in my senior year. I had to find a job besides writing a paper.. Many times my life is spent in the library and Study Room. In order to find out the doubtful points in the paper, I sometimes run several bookstores a day and often eat only one meal.. Maybe it will be a bit bitter, but when I saw my paper approved by the teacher, I suddenly felt that those days were really too full and unforgettable.. One campus job fair after another boomed. Like other students, I carefully prepared my resume and prepared all kinds of interview materials. However, every time I met the challenge with hope, I brought back disappointment and bitterness.. However, through participating in job fairs and interviews, I have a clearer understanding of the "outside world", which has laid a solid foundation for me to go to work in the future..

   Some people describe college life as follows: freshman doesn't know he doesn't know, sophomore knows he doesn't know, junior doesn't know he knows, senior knows he knows he does.. Having experienced the accumulation of basic knowledge, writing papers and job hunting, I also experienced a growth process from "not knowing" to "knowing".

   In December, I have smelled the smell of 澳利国际 parting, and four years of college life will end. I finally understand the meaning of "fleeting". In my senior year, I really understood the meaning of looking back when I was in And Then I Go University.. I often think that if I could start all over again, I would choose another way of life, but this is unrealistic, so I choose to face it.. After countless storms, the weak I have already learned to be strong..

   Thank you, my university. It is in every kind of challenge and opportunity you give me that I understand life, study, time, growth, struggle and struggle. It is you who have built a bridge for me to mature. In the long road of growth, you will be my colorful world, inside, Belle Toujours and unforgettable memory.. Taste life, to cherish life. Through the years, through the seasons, and through Times in University. College life left me more time to think. Think about the road you've taken, the road you've taken now, and the road you'll take in the future. I can't help but say it's a new understanding of yourself.. No pain no gain., I dedicate this sentence to all those who care about me and me..

   I don't know whether I can succeed in the future, since I have chosen a distant place, I am doomed to hardships. Perhaps there will be cold wind and rain behind us. Since the target is the horizon, the only thing left for the world is the back of us.!

   The four-year college time is fleeting. There are successes and failures, laughter and tears on the four-year road.. Once This Is Me, once covered with wind and frost. Looking back on four years of university dreams, most of them are as illusory as passing clouds..

   Who was not full of fantasy in his freshman year, but there will always be such and such The Wall in front of us at the moment of graduation. In my freshman year, who did not have lofty sentiments, but the cruelty at the moment of graduation made us bend our backs again and again. Who never cried in freshman year, but it was only at the moment of graduation that he knew that although he was touched in life, he never believed in tears in life..





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