Life, do not need to wait

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   There is a custom of "bone examination and burial" in southern China.. When the brothers placed the mother's bones into the golden altar one after another in a squatting position, my cousin's heart was connected with each other and offered "human male" (the local language is similar to speech, one of the cervical vertebrae bones, human shape, is considered to be the location of the soul). I carefully wrapped it with paper towel and said, "mother, let's get on the bus.". "To the distant cave gallop away.

   I know that this is the first and last time my mother "took" my car.. My mother didn't wait for Shu Shutan to sit in my car before she died..

   A few years later, my father went to Hoe Sai without waiting for us to decorate the new house..

   When the parents are away, there is no more caring. The place called "home" has become the hometown, the thoughts, the memories, the drifting away. It will never return to the past. Although it will not be "now, nearing my village, meeting people, I dare not ask a single question", it will never have the lofty sentiments of "and loud my song and deep my drink, on the green spring-day that starts me home".

   I know: life, really do not need to wait!

   Comply 澳利国际 with nature and do whatever you think of at what age. Don't be afraid of wolves before and tigers after.. The work, the leisure, the crazy crazy . Who didn't escape from school, who didn't scold crossing the street, who didn't fight, who didn't shed blood, who didn't survive the night, who didn't drunk wine, who didn't love and hate . Even if it comes to a walk away, it is also necessary. Because of life, there is no need to wait.

   In fact, one's life is also very simple: from the birth of Watermelon to the day when the painting ends, according to the division of developmental psychology, one's life is nothing more than several periods: infancy, infancy, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age.. Different periods have different joys, sorrows, joys, sorrows, joys and sorrows. They cannot be replaced and will not be repeated.. I have seen a FLASH animation "human life" on ku 6. it shows a woman's life course from infancy to adulthood to old age to a lump of loess. it is quite vivid and impressive, and only takes a short minute.!

   So, in the journey of life, why do you have to forbear? Why wait? Why emphasize objective factors? Why Pay Attention to External Environment? Why do you care what others think? In fact, the biggest reason is only one: to find a grandiose excuse for your selfish and cowardly heart..

   Please review how much waiting has finally become empty talk.! When "the child wants to be filial but not to be loved", when relatives and friends fall one by one, when people are quieter and sad like tides, my heart was broken, only those who have experienced countless separation between loved ones in life or d. experiences can deeply realize it.. Each of us will make many mistakes, especially in the life of "when and how to" fill in the blank inside repeatedly promised to lose promise. "Wait until dad (mom) is free to go with you? "Have children familiar with this sentence? When a child puts forward even a small request to his parents, it is fully brewed, full of expectation, and needs to muster up courage.. A light sentence makes the child's bright eyes dim again and again.. When are you free? Adults never have free time.! This is just a shameless excuse full of tenderness and lethality..

   The happiest time for children is accompanied by their parents.. Why are there so many Tea In The Harem in society? Please don't attribute it to such irrelevant excuses as social atmosphere and surrounding environment. Parents should be held accountable first.! Parents are the children's first teachers and an instinctive transmission tool in the process of biological evolution. The church should teach, care and let go. A good family education is the wealth of a child's life. Parents should participate in the whole process and give correct guidance and education. Please do not give all the education of children to the left-behind old people to the school and society.. From winter to spring year after year, how many parents realize their dereliction of duty when their children are rebellious and irreversible? How many parents will be deeply disappointed when their children finally no longer need their own protection?? How many parents have to swallow the bitter fruit of self-brewing and regret it all the time? . Just a search on the Internet, the amount of information than Qian Qian absolutely?! Of course, educating children is a huge project, which varies from person to person and teaches students in accordance with their aptitude.. Other people's methods may be very useful, maybe they can only be used as a reference, maybe they are useless for half a dime.. All Roads Lead to Rome is good, but the mistake is that people have already had afternoon tea in Rome and you are still lost in the mountains.. If you are an eagle, you should give it a pair of wings, a blue sky and a brave heart.. (责任编辑:admin)




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