It will never be forgotten

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   Because time is changing every day,

   Therefore, it will never exist in the future..


   Will stride forward together,

   Hand in hand,

   Until the conclusion of life.

   We had expected,

   We also waited,

   Believe it,

   Life has given us a fate of 100 years..

   Not much is said.

   There is no shortage of words.

   I missed it,

   For the rest of my life,

   We will wait another 100 years.

   We can't afford to wait..


   For us,

   There is no next life,

   What we have is this life.

   In my life,


   Let's take it as a beautiful beginning.

   Draw a satisfactory full stop!

   Because these are only imaginary,

   澳利国际 I hope one day it will come true..

   Author: Artist-Chen Xiong





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