Thank the teachers for their words

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   Thank the teachers for their words

   1. As parents, we are very satisfied with all kinds of quality education in our school. We are very grateful to our teachers for their hard work. Our parents are very relieved and satisfied that our children can meet such a good teacher and study in such a good environment in inside.. We believe that children will improve day by day under the education of schools and teachers.. I hope the children will get better and better in the future.. Thank you, teachers.! You have worked hard.!!

   2. Preschool education is the most important education a child receives in his life. As a parent, I thank teacher X from the bottom of my heart for his hard work and sweat on the growth of children.. I have always wanted to express my thanks. Today I finally realized this wish. Please lend me my heartfelt thanks and great respect.! I wish the teacher good health and smooth work.!

   3. Gardener-Noble Title. Look at the flowers blooming on the branches. They are poured with your hard sweat.. Best wishes to you: plum the whole country and Chun Hui are everywhere!

   4, you teach students according to their aptitude, good spirit. We congratulate you on your victory with excellent results.!

   As time goes by, the students have entered grade 6.. Through yesterday's parents' meeting, I felt the pressure of the children on their study and the hard work of the teachers.. I would like to thank the teachers for their love and care for my children.! Thank the teacher for his selfless help and meticulous care.! Thank the teacher for his tolerance and understanding of his study and life.! Thank you for your hard work. The excellence of children cannot be separated from your cultivation.! Children will be proud of your education tomorrow..

   6. Thank the teachers for their hard cultivation of children.. My child has made great progress in a short period of time under the teacher's guidance. Not only has he been able to speak enthusiastically in courage, but also he has a quick mind, concentrated attention and rich imagination. At the same time, he has made obvious progress in other aspects. This is inseparable from the teacher's education and the cooperation of parents. He will always bless you and give my child the teacher of the fountain of wisdom.!

   We grow from seedlings to big trees, but we will always be your students.. In your year of flower, I wish you a evergreen tree of life..

   8. Through the parents' open day, I was delighted to see that all the efforts made by school leaders and teachers for the healthy growth of children have built a bridge of communication between children and teachers. Teachers regard themselves as good friends of children, encouraging eyes, cordial greetings, a smiling face and an action . These all contain affirmation and encouragement for children.. Children in such a warm and relaxed environment, happy learning, happy growth, see all this, as a parent, I sincerely feel gratified, thank you very much, I wish you good health and smooth sailing here.!

   Dear teacher, you are the beacon of our life and illuminate our way forward.. You are our candle of success, burning yourself to help us..

   10. In the sea of life, teacher, you are like a high beacon, standing on the vast sea, guiding us on our journey all 澳利国际 the time.!

   Thank you for your long-term careful cultivation, which has gradually turned my child from an urchin into a good student who loves learning, understands courtesy and speaks of unity.. It is the golden key that you taught my children to open the treasure house of knowledge.! It was you who raised the ideal sail for him.! He is full of confidence in your warm sunshine bath.! Under the moisture of your sweat, it germinates and grows like a seed.! Sincerely thank your teacher! I wish you all the best in your work and your family Anji.!

   12, you are a gardener, add beauty to the motherland mountains and rivers; You are like spring rain, moistening and nurturing peaches and plums, and the whole land of China is full of Fang fei.. On this festive day, inside, let me present a flower of my heart to express my heartfelt wishes to you..

   13. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are not all your contributions.! Odes and songs -- the four forms of poetry, I can't praise you enough.! You watered our ideal flowers with the nectar of knowledge. You moisten the beautiful fruit of our sentiment with a clear spring of mind.. In this unusual festival, inside, we offer our best wishes.!

   Dear teacher, your belecture is like spring breeze, like Seo Woo, forever engraved on my heart.. I sincerely wish you happiness and good luck.!

   15. Every year, I send you the first ray of spring scenery together with New Year card. My dear teacher, may spring be with you forever.!

   16, "plum the whole country" is the glory of teachers. -On the occasion of the beautiful and windy gardener festival in solid fruits in autumn, Mr. wish is enjoying good health and youth forever.! (责任编辑:admin)




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