Back in Time's Classic Sentences ( 2 Full stop0 Sentences)

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   Back in Time's Classic Sentences

   one. We have no passion to burn and no Karam (Hindi film), but we have Back in Time.

  2. At the end of the day, the fleeting time passed, only because of youth..澳利国际

   3 . She smiled gently, Between Two Women..

   4. In fact, it is good to be a good friend. You can advance and retreat, and you will never be hurt..

   5. Some people missed it and could never return to the past. Even if some people meet, they will never be together, which is a profound pain.!

   6. We all seem to be kept in captivity, but in fact we are kept in captivity.

   7. Now we probably say love most often.. "I love you! "Do you love me?"? "Will you love me forever?"?". Love is chic and exquisite, and seems to have lost its original value.. No matter how much I say, I always feel a little empty and can't be trusted.. Therefore, the above sentence often becomes: "I really love you! "Do you really love me? "Will you really love me forever?"?"

   Love and truth have become a combination of crying and laughing..

   8. If you can't understand, you can't be considerate, if you can't be considerate, you'll have no intention of hurting, and if you don't, you'll weaken the ties between them..

   9. The road ahead is long, but they met too early. How far can they travel together?.

   10. Telephone can become a habit, care can become a habit, care can become a habit, greetings can become a habit, but love can never become a habit..

   11. However, none of them can hold back the time that passed away in a hurry. Yesterday cannot be left behind..

   12. Zhao Ye replied to a short e-mail with words like Qiao's style, saying: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Qiao's reply was also brief, with words like Zhao ye's, he said: you bastards.

   13. One day you will forget me and devote yourself to a new love indulgence in her world of inside. One day you will have a beautiful wife and lovely children. One day you will be busy in the numerous and complicated crowd and forget your dreams when you were young. One day you and I will miss each other, but we cannot recognize each other. One day you will occasionally think of my name, but you cannot remember my appearance. One day you will die in the ward and will never think of me again.

   14. When the memory of the beautiful and the reality of inside's vicissitudes of life helpless integration, the bottom of my heart only unable to appease the desolate.

   15. I feel that I have not been able to control my life, it is life that controls me. He waved to me with his face covered, and I followed blindly.. Because I can't see his face clearly, I don't know whether the robbery is the fate ahead..

   16. The desire for fairness is good, and the performance of reality is cruel..

   17.The strongest triangular shape in mathematics is the most vulnerable relationship emotionally..

   18. People do not only have two emotions of love and hate, but also miss, complain, miss and sigh..

   19. Interpretation is to cover up, cover up is to tell a story.!

   20. We walked on the border of Rich and poor, on the border of freedom and restraint, on the border of tenderness and evil, on the border of occlusion and openness, on the border of money and wealth, on the border of morality and morality, on the border of century and era.





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