Beyond the Great Wall, Amasing Stories and Jun Qing

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   Amasing Stories beyond the Great Wall

   Jun Qing

   We came to Gubeikou.

   Ah, Gubeikou, a famous strategic pass in history, its clank name is really a like thunder piercing the ear -- said of s., known from far and near..

   Back then, many emperors, Hanwu, Tang Zong and Emperor Taizu of Song all sent Xu-bian Brave warrior to camp at this ancient north gate to guard against the enemy. Jiguang Qi, a famous Japanese soldier, also rebuilt and strengthened the Great Wall here, adding enemy buildings and fire towers.. During the Anti-Japanese War, when the liberation army entered the customs, what deadly battlefields were these?.

   Look, the terrain, the imposing manner, how dangerous and majestic it is. It lies on Wuling Mountain in the east and Crouching Tiger Ridge in the west.. Ah, Crouching Tiger Ridge, it is indeed like a gigantic tiger lying across the western entrance of Chaobai River, blocking the way to enter the customs.. The ancient Great Wall, along the winding and undulating mountain, is continuous.. An enemy building and a peak fire platform, one after another, rose high above the mountain top.. Rolling Chaobai River surged out of the cliff of Entre-deux-Monts, forming a dangerous trend of "and while one man guards it.

   I have been to Badaling Great Wall, but this is the first time I have seen the Great Wall here. It is not only dangerous but also has a primitive beauty.. All over spreaded smog's wild vines and ancient trees littered with rocks, while broken-house eroded by wind and rain and the smoke mound of enemy buildings can all stimulate people's nostalgia and enhance the aesthetic feeling of primitive simplicity and wild interest..

   We are all attracted by the original beauty of Great Wall.. All the people who came together all cheered and praised. Everyone will feel that in this magnificent, primitive and unsophisticated scenery, people seem to have added a bold and heroic spirit and unsophisticated and pure heart to themselves..

   It was nearly noon..

   With this excited and uninhibited feeling, we went to look for a place to eat..

   Originally, before leaving in the morning, Yan Xun suggested, "Lu chengyuan, I have to eat out at noon today.". In my opinion, let's not go to the county hostel or the big restaurants in the city. It's best to find a Amasing Stories in deserted village at the foot of the Great Wall. That's interesting. "

   Of course, I strongly support this proposal.. Since childhood, I have been interested in the kind of Amasing Stories in deserted village.. I remember at that time, I worked as a child laborer in a lace factory in a neighboring village. I often went to some villages and towns to pick up goods and stayed in Amasing Stories, deserted village, wherever I went.. Therefore, I am very familiar with Amasing Stories, where there are many different kinds of people who come together. The smiling face of the shopkeeper, the rude banter and abuse of the customers, the clanging of knives, spoons, bowls and chopsticks, and the noise of a finger-guessing game's orders … still haunt my eyes and ears today.. Even the red paper "Don't Talk about State Affairs" and "Watch out for Lights" posted on the wall and the couplet "Chicken Sound, Maodian Month, Banqiao Frost by People" posted on the shop door are all clearly remembered..

   The atmosphere, the life, left a deep impression on me and became so interested that now, whenever I recall it, I feel particularly cordial and interesting..

   Surprisingly, Yan Xun, who was still middle-aged, was also interested in this kind of Amasing Stories. On his way to Gubeikou, he cheerfully told the story of one time when he went to a small restaurant for dinner.. It was in Baoding, where he invited a friend to dinner and found a small restaurant with its own characteristics because it was too big for all restaurants. As a result, they found a shop named "Catch with chaff". They set foot in the restaurant with the mood of preparing for Catch with chaff. However, they were very satisfied with the result and kept shouting "Good, good, not cheated."! Not fooled! "

   Hearing this story, Yu kang and Lao Zhou and I all burst out laughing together. even the driver, Xiao Liu, was convulsed with laughter, causing the car to wriggle with joy..

   "Catch with chaff", what an interesting name.

   On the contrary, it is similar to Tianjin's "Rover Dangerfield". Funny, witty, and humorous of primitive simplicity, full of Yan Zhao style, village fun.

   Yan Xun is truly a writer born in Yan Zhao. He has both generous and unconstrained feelings and the temperament of a poet.. This warm-hearted man has arranged such a rare visit to the ancient city, not counting it, but also arranging us to find a small shop at the foot of the Great Wall to sharpen our points. This is indeed an interesting thing..

   However, such a Amasing Stories, where to find it? (责任编辑:admin)




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