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   A large family of tropical plants

   Dust in week

   Hainan Island Tropical Botanical Garden is located in the mountainous area at the junction of Lehui and Wanning counties.. During the The National Revolution period, this area was the main area for Chinese Red Army's activities.. The spring pond and playground dug by the Red Army in 1928 on the main peak of Six Ridges, 553 meters above sea level, are still as good as ever.. The director and deputy director of the botanical garden are revolutionary fighters who have been taking part in armed struggle in this area for a long time.. Now, they have established a large-scale tropical botanical garden with international standards here, covering an area of more than 27,000 mu, which is an important reason for the research and development of tropical plants in our country..

   When it was snowy in the north of the motherland, many trees had withered and the weather was still beautiful here.. A variety of plants are introduced and cultivated in the Botanical Garden. Some have tall and straight branches and leaves, some have stout terminal buds, some have luxuriant stems and leaves, and some have newly sprouted seedlings, all of which are vigorous and vigorous..

   People who do not know the ecological habits of tropical plants will not know that their hometown was very far away.. The purple Ocimum gratissimum comes from the Soviet Union, the lion's head pepper comes from Hungary, the bracken comes from Vietnam, the sweet root comes from the Himalayan foothills, the nutmeg comes from Indonesia, the oil palm comes from West Africa, the geranium comes from South Africa, the lemon comes from Australia, cinchona comes from South America, avocado comes from Central America, sisal comes from the Kedan Peninsula of Mexico, Rambutan comes from Malaya, banana hemp comes from the low-humidity mountain forest area of North Borneo, oil drums come from Japan, sea island cotton comes from the subtropics of South America, claw border kapok comes from tropical America, and benzoin comes from Sumatra. More than 1,500 species of plants have been introduced, raised and cultivated from all over the motherland, most of which are native and wild plants in our great motherland.. Over the years, they have evolved step by step in their respective hometown. Only when the Chinese Communists opened up wasteland and raised seedlings in the remote mountains of inside and established botanical gardens did they come to inside, a big family, from tropical, subtropical and temperate zones in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy and listen to people to arrange a new life for them..

   In fact, some tropical plants did not come to China after liberation.. For example, in 1916, Yaxian Tielu Port Agricultural Development Company attracted sea island cotton. Oil palm, known as "the world's oil king", was introduced by an overseas Chinese from Malaya in 1926. It was planted in Nada and Fucheng of Qiongshan District. It has lived in Hainan Island for more than 30 years. Sisal also entered China in 1928. It was introduced and cultivated by an overseas Chinese from the Philippines near the port of Malayo in Lingao County. Coconut came to Hainan Island even earlier. According to the notes of South Vietnam, it has lived in the south of our country for nearly 2,000 years.. However, before liberation, no one had ever gathered them together, introduced them for breeding, studied their cultivation and promotion.. Therefore, their reproduction is slow, some even gradually scattered... In the second year of its establishment, the Botanical Garden set up a meteorological station, a library, a specimen instrument room and a technical room, and began the research work of plant science.. The working policy put forward by the party is: "to support the long with the short, to support the science with the production, to face the production, to serve the life, to build a tropical botanical garden with communist style as soon as possible, well and economically.". "

   The year before last, they adopted the method of collecting and introducing march on side by side. On the one hand, they tried every means to introduce various plants from home and abroad.. On the one hand, deep field investigation and collection of plants. After the Great Leap Forward, the Party put forward another slogan for action: "Break through iron shoes, taste all kinds of grass, dig treasure trees in remote mountains, climb mountains to collect jade branches, cross oceans to bring good species, turn useless into useful, turn wild into family life, make thousands of fragrant flowers bloom in the garden of inside, turn Hainan Island into a paradise, create wealth for the motherland and strive for the life of the rich people."! "

   Inspired by this heroic slogan, the work of introduction, breeding, cultivation and reproduction began to advance at a high speed.. In recent years, hundreds of precious plants have been introduced for breeding.. Among them are oil crops oil palm, cashew nut, avocado and camellia oleifera. Sugarcane, a sugar crop; There are fiber crops sisal, plantain hemp, sea island cotton, red cotton, kapok in claw border and mauritius hemp. There are coffee, cocoa and tea from Beverage Crops. There are spice crops such as citronella, cogongrass, pepper, lemon squash, Ocimum gratissimum and fragrant root.. Fragrant leaves, litsea cubeba and nutmeg; There are medicinal crops such as cinchona, fenlang, rotenone, coca, gangsong, yizhi, curcuma aromatica, notoginseng, etc. There are tropical fruit trees such as pineapple, mango, sago coconut, jackfruit, durian, Rambutan, grape berry, mangosteen, golden banana, etc. Some of these rare plants are of extremely high economic value and some have excellent medicinal effects.. Among them, Rauvolfia is a specific drug for treating hypertension in recent years. The fruits of the fragrant tree can not only be used as raw materials for spices and cosmetics, but also have the effects of treating wind and water toxic swelling, removing malignant hyperthermia, stopping hiccup, treating cholera and the like in medicine. If every part of coconut can be used for a certain 澳利国际 economic purpose, cashew nuts have a greater and wider use and economic value. They contain high oil and fat, are rich in nutrients, can be eaten raw, and can be used for sugar production, candied fruit and oil extraction.. Fruit shells are mostly used in industry. They can be used as coatings to prevent corrosion and moth-eating, and can be used in medicine to treat sores, corns and other diseases. The receptacle can be used for raw food, fruit juice, syrup and wine making, and can be used for treating dysentery and scurvy in medicine. Fresh juice has diuretic and edema treating effects, and wine can be used for treating nerve pain, rheumatism, numbness and other diseases. Wood can be used for shipbuilding, box making, etc. Bark produces a bright yellow colloid, which can be used as a refined coating for book covers to prevent insects from eating by moth. Cutting off tree sap can be used to make non-decolorizing ink, also can be used as wood protectant and fishing net dye, leaves can be used as flavoring agent, and seed coats can be used as poultry feed.. (责任编辑:admin)




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